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Norgren Automation Solutions

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A satisfied Epicor customer for over ten years, Norgren Automation Solutions' (NAS) Saline Division was running a heavily modified version of Epicor DataFlo and after a company merger decided to upgrade to Epicor Vantage to better synchronize data across the enterprise.

NAS is the largest supplier of modular tooling in North America, and part of the Norgren group of companies, providing engineered solutions to national and international customers. Norgren is one of the three largest global suppliers of pneumatic motion and fluid control solutions. The group employs 6,000 people globally, is a wholly owned subsidiary of IMI plc, and manages global manufacturing and technical centers.

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"We would definitely recommend any engineering organization to look at Epicor's solution if they are looking for a new or replacement ERP system."

Keith Walter, Production-Logistics Manager | Norgren Automation Solutions


Company Facts
  • Location: Saline, Michigan
  • Industry: Engineering
  • Number of Stores: 2
  • Web site: www.syron.com

  • Demanding customers
  • Shortening lead-times
  • High product mix in low quantities
  • International demand

  • Epicor Vantage

  • ERP data synchronization across the enterprise, resulting in improved efficiencies
  • Support a lean manufacturing culture by reducing waste
  • Maintain a high level of customer service

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"Our company faces typical engineering challenges such as increasingly demanding customers and ever shortening production lead times," says Keith Walter, Production-Logistics Manager for Syron. "We have a high number of products but low quantities, producing between 1 and 100 pieces at a time. Most of our projects are completely customized requiring many on-off parts throughout the builds, and to reduce costs we are under pressure to decrease inventory and increase turns while meeting demands under short time frames. Additionally we regularly produce and launch new products, while still having to make and support very old product lines."

Body from Customized to Standard

To support its global business NAS had successfully run a heavily modified Epicor DataFlo system. They had built several customized Web applications around sales quotations and production scheduling, as well as made modifications to the source code, something that made future upgrades very difficult.

Following a merger with Norgren, NAS needed to find an ERP system that could support a company-wide synchronization of data from various business and ERP systems, and found that Epicor Vantage was the best fit.

"We had already realized a number of benefits with Epicor over the years," says Keith. "DataFlo's open-source design enabled us full control to customize it to our operations. We also benefited from the integration with a Web based custom quoting solution that allowed for our sales team to quote onsite via any Internet connection. This was a substantial benefit from the customer's point of view, enabling immediate pricing for simple parts-quotes, to advanced system and engineered solutions quoting."

Keith explains about another custom made application, "On the manufacturing side, we created a scheduling application that provided a visible, real-time schedule for our manufacturing processes including machining and assembly departments. It allowed us to decrease lead-time, lean-out our scheduling department, and increase on-time-delivery from 60-70% to 99% - a metric we maintained ever since."

Lean Manufacturing

Throughout the years Epicor had already helped NAS improve efficiencies, supported their lean manufacturing culture by reducing waste, and achieve corporate goals by maintaining a high level of customer service. They are therefore confident about the upgrade despite it involving quite a bit of work, mostly due to their modifications.

"It remains to be seen how the new upgrade will be able to help us continue meet our business challenges but we have high hopes because we have had such successful partnership with Epicor to date," says Keith.

"We have just gone live with one of our two plants and it is taking a lot of work due to running such a customized version."

One to Recommend

He concludes, "Epicor guided us through the upgrade process well and we would definitely recommend any engineering organization to look at Epicor's solution if they are looking for a new or replacement ERP system."

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