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Noonan True Value

"We want to boost our operations and customer service to a higher level. The Business Accelerator program provided guidance on how we can operate more efficiently and achieve that goal."

Matt Noonan III, Owner | Noonan True Value


Noonan True Value Boosts Customer Service and Improves Inventory Control with Epicor Eagle

New credit card standards (called PCI DSS) prompted Noonan True Value to find expert help-not only to tighten data security but also to streamline their operations and maintain their outstanding reputation as a top hardware store in Springfield, Illinois. "As we spent money on software upgrades to become PCI compliant, we wanted to better use our entire Epicor Eagle computer system, too," explains Matt Noonan III, owner of Noonan True Value. "The Epicor Business Accelerator service provides best practices consulting to help us do just that."

An Epicor Business Accelerator consultant was on-site at Noonan True Value for two days, and then delivered a report of recommendations. Four months-and two follow-up calls-later, Noonan has made significant gains in its operations.

Improved System Performance and Inventory Control

The consultant encouraged Noonan to purge inactive SKU records. "It was a big help to reduce our item files. Obsolete item files had made it impractical for our store to use Eagle suggested orders for purchasing decisions," explains Matt. "Purging archives gave us a boost in system usage right away."

With the consultant's guidance, Noonan also conducted a product analysis and set-up reports to monitor inventory by SKU. "We had a lot of products that weren't moving. It was eye-opening," notes Matt. "We're much more aware of our slowmoving items now and take steps to clear those items out, and not reorder them."

Noonan Will Save Eight Hours Every Week on True Value Orders

The next step to improve inventory operations was to establish suggested order quantities. The Business Accelerator consultant showed the Noonan team how to take advantage of this powerful and time-saving feature. "Now I can look at items we need to purchase based on sales history and inventory levels, all with a few clicks of the mouse. It has really sped up the purchasing process. As we continue, we'll save at least eight man-hours every week on our True Value orders," describes Matt.

Role-Based Security Replaces Terminal-Based Security

The Business Accelerator report suggested switching to role-based security, in which employee access to information is authorized based on job roles like 'manager' or 'cashier.' "Our consultant helped us set up security roles for our staff so the right information was available to the right people. This improves security and reduces the opportunity for errors," states Matt.

Clear Goals to Leap to the Next Level

Noonan set goals for the future, and Business Accelerator is helping to put the company on a path to achieve those goals. "We are already the best hardware store in Springfield. But we aren't complacent. We want to boost our operations and customer service to a higher level," concludes Matt. "The Business Accelerator program provided guidance on how we can operate better and achieve that goal."

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