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Murdochs Ranch and Home Supply

Company Facts

  • Headquarters: Bozeman, Montana
  • Industry: Farm and Agriculture
  • Number of Stores: 15
  • Number of Employees: 700

"Using the Eagle system is just like eating and breathing. We rely on it. We run the business successfully because we have the right information readily available."
MaryKay Yeley, VP and CFO Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply


Executive Summary

Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply is a farm supply store that sells fencing, animal health supplies, tack, clothing, tools, and pet food. Since 1995, Epicor Eagle has assisted Murdoch's in growing to over 15 locations and 2 distribution centers. The Eagle system integrates data and processes across the entire company. Its newest implemented module, Epicor Compass™, has been a huge time-saver in running reports, enabling Murdoch's management team to view sales and other information that was previously unavailable.

One Location Becomes 15 Locations with a Napkin and Eagle

When John Murdoch, founder, first conceived of the idea for a farm supply store, he wrote on a napkin: 1) Carry lots of down-to-earth merchandise, 2) Be a place where the whole family likes to visit, 3) Be a place where the customer is always met with a thanks. John opened the first Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply (then Big R) in 1994 in Bozeman, Montana. Fifteen years later, Murdoch's has 15 locations and 2 distribution centers serving four states. Communities rely on Murdoch's for supplies and, in turn, Murdoch's relies on Epicor Eagle and Epicor Compass to keep all locations running smoothly.

Murdoch's implemented the Epicor Eagle system soon after opening its first store. As Murdoch's expanded, it leaned more heavily on Epicor Eagle to handle inventory and information across its multiple locations. Murdoch's knows from experience that the Eagle system has capabilities way beyond a simple point of sale system. It manages Murdoch's business from end-to-end.

Eagle Lends a Hand in Every Department

Eagle integrates Murdoch's point of sale counters, receiving docks, the back office, managers' desks-everything. "It is a wonderful system, especially with the Windows interface," says MaryKay Yeley, vice president and chief financial officer. "New cashiers learn our system quickly because Eagle Point of Sale (POS) is very intuitive and easy to run." The Eagle system transforms inventory management from a near-impossible manual task to a streamlined, automated process. "Eagle tracks inventory from the moment it arrives at the back door to the moment it goes out the front door," continues MaryKay.

In addition to using the Radio Frequency (RF) module for more efficient receiving, inventory control, and printing bin labels, Murdoch's uses RF guns for their year-end inventory process.

Throughout the year, seasonal items are boxed up and estimates are created using the RF guns by scanning the merchandise before packing it into the boxes. These estimates are then used by their outside inventory company (RGIS) for entering counts into their system at year-end. Estimates are also used at year-end for merchandise that Murdoch's pre-counts prior to the physical inventory.

Business Advisor™ Makes Viewing Comparative Reports a Cinch

Murdoch's relies on Epicor Business Advisor to view real-time information like daily sales and customer counts. Store managers and the management team use Business Advisor to make quicker, more informed business decisions. "Business Advisor is used daily. The management team and all the store managers use it to monitor the day's sales compared to the prior year's. It's the first thing that gets opened in the morning," says MaryKay.

Murdoch's managers react more quickly because of Business Advisor. It has helped them make faster corrections and avoid costly mistakes. "The real-time aspect is very good. If you have huge price exceptions, you can figure them out and correct them immediately," explains MaryKay. "Or if your margin takes a sudden hit during the day, you can instantly drill into the details to see which transaction caused it. Having the power to quickly react is a great benefit."

Compass Provides a New View of the Business

Murdoch's implemented Compass in 2007 to handle the majority of its complex reporting needs. "Compass is a great reporting tool that allows us to present information very quickly and more efficiently," explains Mira Williams, IT specialist. "It's very easy to use, too."

Creating custom reports with Compass is a snap. "I run a weekly inventory report for the purchasing department that compares sales and inventory data this year versus last year," says Mira. "I also created a quarterly report that shows purchases by manufacturer that we use for vendor meetings. At year-end, I was able to get useful information quickly. In a matter of minutes, I was looking at total sales and ranking vendors by their sales dollars. Compiling the same report before Compass would have taken days."

Murdoch's finds Compass useful for analyzing several other areas of the business. "Before Compass, we couldn't view our greenhouse sales individually. Now, we can isolate greenhouse sales and margin," Mira explains. "We also know our sales and customer counts by-the-hour which helps us in scheduling staff. If we're having a yearly promotion, we can look at last year's promotion, find our highest volume hours, and schedule accordingly."

Murdoch's is Going Strong with Eagle

With Eagle, Murdoch's can keep the promises of providing a versatile product line, a family-centered shopping experience, and a thank you. "Using the Eagle system is just like eating and breathing," says MaryKay. "We rely on it. We run the business successfully because we have the right information readily available."

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