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Morrison's True Value

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Morrison's True Value Improves Tracking and Visibility with Epicor Gift Card Solution

In the summer of 2009, Morrison's decided to expand its already broad product offerings to include gift cards. Adding the gift card solution to its existing Epicor Eagle system was easy. "Once we added high-speed credit and debit card processing, the next logical step was to replace our old-fashioned paper gift certificates with a modern gift card solution. It's what customers expect," describes Joey Iniguez, system operator, Morrison's True Value. "The online training course was really helpful. We trained a few cashiers, and they trained the rest. It's very easy to do gift card transactions because Eagle prompts you at every step."

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"It's very easy to do gift card transactions because Epicor Eagle prompts you at every step."

Joey Iniguez, System Operator | Morrison's True Value
Company Facts
  • Location: Alpine, Texas
  • Industry: Hardware

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Improve Professional Image with Gift Cards

In just a few short months, Morrison's True Value has recognized some significant benefits, with the most significant being increased customer satisfaction. "With our paper gift certificates, the customer had to wait while a cashier called the bookkeeper who then hand-wrote a gift certificate and carried it to the register. This could take up to ten minutes or more. Now, with our new gift cards, it's instantaneous. No waiting and we look much more professional," continues Joey. "Another benefit is that it's a better way for us to issue return credits when the customer has no receipt. We simply give them a gift card for the value of the return. They are happy, and we keep the revenue in the store."

Epicor Gift Card Solution Makes It Easy

Morrison's True Value also appreciates improved tracking and visibility with Epicor Gift Cards. The paper gift certificates were nearly impossible to track, and today with Epicor, it's easy to pull up a Viewer and see summary and detail information on gift card transactions. "We now know exactly what we've sold in gift cards and how much has been redeemed. It's a terrific improvement from what we had before," explains Joey. "Gift cards are easy to sell, easy for us to transact, and easy to track. Epicor just makes it easy."

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