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Milford Lumber

Company Facts

  • Headquarters: Milford, New Hampshire
  • Annual Sales: $10–20 million
  • Sales Breakdown: 80% contractor, 15% retail, 5% commercial
  • Number of Employees: 35
  • Locations: 1
  • Founded: 1941
  • Affiliation: LMC

"The Epicor Eagle solution allows us to pinpoint ways to better serve the customer. That's the bottom line in this day and age."

Scott Rosenthal, Controller | Milford Lumber


Milford Lumber installed the Epicor Eagle system in the late 1980s. Since then, Milford has installed the latest Epicor Eagle applications, including Inventory, Business Advisor, Epicor iNet, point of sale (POS), and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Due in part to the Eagle integrated solution, productivity at Milford has grown along with revenues. In the last few years, Milford has seen over 10 percent growth per year while at the same time saving hours—even days—per month using efficient Eagle applications to manage all aspects of their business.

Inventory Control Drives Milford’s Profit and Customer Loyalty

Milford Lumber maintains a 71-year tradition of excellence in Milford, New Hampshire—by offering high-quality lumber for the building trades along with hardware products and cabinetry. Milford has a stable workforce of 35 employees, some with tenure as long as 25 years. “Our folks just do super, super work,” says Scott Rosenthal, controller. With that level of longevity, expertise and customer care, it’s no wonder Milford has consistently increased revenues in spite of competition from Home Depot®.

Milford uses inventory alerts and order point features to maintain optimal quantity-on-hand. Loyal customers rely on Milford’s ability to deliver high-quality products in a short time, at the best price. “We add value to our customers by ensuring we have product in-stock, offering custom products and operating with a high–level of customer service. Our Eagle system enables us to deliver these critical value-added services. That’s the bottom line in this day and age,” says Scott.

Growing Their Business—Not Their “Days Outstanding”

The Epicor Accounts Receivable Pro has helped Milford reduce the number of days outstanding on accounts receivable. Using Business Advisor, Scott sorts AR by days outstanding and dollar amount so he can go after the big-ticket invoices first. 

“At over 30 days, I start calling,” says Scott. With the ability to have the Eagle system automatically fax or e-mail statements and invoices, Scott has found it easier to collect. In response to a recent survey, a number of Milford customers now receive e-mailed statements. “If I e-mail statements on a weekly basis, we get paid much better because customers can’t say, ‘I didn’t get the statement.’” In addition, e-mailed statements eliminate the printing, stuffing, and mailing of paper statements.

If a customer calls to request a copy of an invoice, Scott is delighted to be able to fax or mail a copy within minutes. “Click. Click. Boom. Here,” says Scott. “Before, there was always a problem. Was the invoice misfiled? This is New Hampshire—did it go through the snow and mud?” Scott estimates that this feature alone saves them one day per month of administrative time and keeps collections on track.

Confident Decision-Making

Scott appreciates the benefit of integration between the Eagle applications. “I’ve worked at places where you’ve had a package from Company A, Company B, and Company C and you had to move data manually. The fact that Eagle is all integrated is a huge asset.”

For Scott, integration means that he can quickly and easily generate up-to-the-minute, accurate reports through Business Advisor for his boss or members of the sales staff, based on just about any criteria or time period. From there, management can make meaningful decisions based on the most accurate data available.

Convenient Ordering

Epicor iNet is playing a huge role in helping Milford’s busy contractors manage their building projects. A small contractor who is building four to five houses a year, for example, may not have the chance to place an order during his hectic day. Now he can place an order through iNet and the order will be processed the next morning when the staff arrives. “The customers that use it, love it,” says Scott.

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) application allows Milford to transmit and receive EDI documents between their Eagle system and their primary lumber supplier. “When I vouch an EDI invoice, the EDI application fills in every block on the AP Enter Transaction screen. And if we have a problem with receiving, we can retrieve the invoice from our own system,” says Scott. “It saves probably three to four days a month,” says Scott. “It’s a huge amount of time. And we’re getting more accurate. EDI doesn’t make mistakes.”

Success Highlights:


  • Improve accounts receivable operations and response times with customers
  • Administrative manual processes and inaccurate data


  • Epicor® Eagle®


  • Receive timely and accurate reports with one integrated platforms to drive confident decision-making
  • Saving costs and labor time with transmitting documents
  • Inventory alerts to easily manage stocking levels to deliver high-quality products in a short time