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Micro Dynamics

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Electronic contract design services and manufacturing company, Micro Dynamics strives daily to bring their clients "product vision" to life. As a manufacturer of sub-assemblies and finished goods for aerospace, computing, communications, industrial and medical device OEM's, they offer an optimized mix of business and supply chain solutions, technology and talent to drive their clients vision forward.

Operating on a thin margin in a large market, Micro Dynamics must stay extremely competitive at its core, constantly looking for new skills and equipment to stay ahead of the curve.

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"In one year, Service Connect more than paid for itself. Not only are we spending less on payroll, but we are feeling less stress daily with the lowest error rate you can have-making Service Connect a great investment."

Joe La Bore, Business Integration Manager | Micro Dynamics
Company Facts
  • Location: 3 major US locations, 2 International Offices
  • Industry: Electronics Contract Manufacturing Solutions (ECMS)
  • Number of Employees: 450

  • Needed a cost effective and efficient way to get inventory information into their Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and manage it effectively to ensure a rapid return on investment (ROI)

  • Epicor Vantage

  • Competitive edge in a thin margin market
  • Stores information quickly
  • Automatically verifies incoming inventory part data through business logic
  • Information entry error reduced to almost zero
  • Parts entry time reduced from a one week to two hours
  • Reduced required parts management from 10 to 15 full-time employees to zero

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Micro Dynamics looked to its enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider to further automate processes, such as traditional data entry into its manufacturing solution, Epicor Vantage. The answer was Epicor Service Connect, a business integration platform that functions as a central integration point for secure workflow orchestrations within Epicor applications as well as external connectivity to Epicor and non-Epicor applications. With Service Connect, Micro Dynamics has a cost effective, reliable and accurate solution.

Finding the Solution

Service Connect is the most effective way for Micro Dynamics to get information back into their enterprise system, while also providing rapid return on investment.

Saving time and money, Service Connect allows Micro Dynamics to measure results in weeks instead of months, keeping payroll and errors extremely low. Harnessing the openness of XML, Service Connect includes service-bus functionality for security, messaging, orchestration, transformation, scheduling, notification, and exception handling to deliver rock-solid reliability combined with ease of use.

Conserving Precious Resources - Cash

Without Service Connect, Micro Dynamics would need between 10-15 full-time employees to manage the amount of part type information that runs through their manufacturing process. At an average yearly salary of $50,000, Micro Dynamics would be spending between $500,000- $750,000 in resources each year for parts management.

Micro Dynamics has also seen a huge savings with an error rate of near zero. If they were to use their projected workforce of 10- 15 employees, they would experience considerably more errors, not counting the errors they might not even catch. With Service Connect, they are saving an estimated hundreds of thousands of dollars each year through error elimination.

"What company does not like to see these kinds of savings?" said Joe La Bore, business integration manager for Micro Dynamics. "It is at this point that Service Connect really pays for its self."

Really Utilizing Service Connect

Service Connect does not force fit information into Micro Dynamics' manufacturing solution. The information goes through the same process of business logic, and if it does not fit then Service Connect does not allow it to be entered.

Building on the success of this initial target process, Micro Dynamics looked for more ways to exploit Service Connect. Each month they receive a new price list that arrives in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Entering the information via Service Connect allows the updated information to be available in just one hour. If this same information was to be entered manually it would take one and a half full-time employees one week to complete.

Now running 13 different workflows Micro Dynamics is really starting to see the effectiveness of Service Connect. Without Service Connect they would not be able to get product and pricing information into the system as efficiently, costing them valuable time, resources and a competitive edge in the market; all essential requirements to success.

"In one year, Service Connect more than paid for itself," said La Bore. "Not only are we spending less on payroll, but we are feeling less stress daily with the lowest error rate you can have-making Service Connect a great investment."

Keeping the Competitive Edge

With ten applications, as well as integration to Agile product lifecycle management software that was written using Service Connect, Micro Dynamics is truly able to get their arms around their inventory from the initial entry to the final product.

For Micro Dynamics, Service Connect was the solution to what seemed to be insurmountable problems with processing inventory information into their manufacturing environment.

Now Service Connect manages both application to application and internal business process orchestration, making things run smoothly and at a lower cost.

"With Service Connect we were able to take many steps in efficiency, ultimately making us that much more competitive," said La Bore.

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