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Menasha Packaging

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Menasha Packaging Company, a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, is a privately-held manufacturer of corrugated products, offering specialized services, creative structural graphic design and sophisticated printing capabilities. Headquartered in Neenah, Wisconsin, Menasha Corporation is a 152-year old organization, with Menasha Packaging Company operating over 20 corrugated plants across the United States.

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The ERP system is our new core business platform across our entire organization and allows us to function more effectively as a national company.

Bob Glass, Vice President of IT | Menasha
Company Facts

  • Maintain business growth
  • Achieve operational consistency across the entire enterprise
  • Utilize one business software database for all locations
  • Connect their business system to supplier and customer systems

  • Epicor BVP, the world's leading business software solution for the corrugated packaging industry

  • Time savings and efficiency increases through automation of standard tasks
  • Consolidated processes view across business units
  • Management access to correct information to streamline business practices
  • Increased productivity and closer collaboration with customers
  • Improved delivery accuracy

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The Challenge

Operating plants across the U.S., Menasha is a leader in the use of technology to improve business operations and customer service. In order to maintain its rapid growth pattern, Menasha needed to streamline internal operations and achieve an acceptable level of operational consistency.

The individual plants were originally using multiple different core business systems, not allowing management access to correct information. Not only did Menasha want to unite its plants with one business system, but it also wanted to tie in its largest supplier, Innovative Packaging Corporation, and its largest customer, Maytag.

The Solution

Epicor multi-plant corrugated business software solution, Epicor BVP, integrates customer service, order processing, scheduling, shipping and invoicing. “The ERP system is our new core business platform across our entire organization and allows us to function more effectively as a national company,” says Bob Glass, Vice President of IT at Menasha.

While the executives at Menasha knew that a core business system would help them increase their internal efficiencies, they realized that extending this system to their suppliers and customers would multiply the benefits throughout the supply chain. A business-to-business integration solution from Epicor was installed between Menasha, its customer Maytag and supplier, Innovative Packaging.

“As our core business platform, BVP is being used to drive a cultural change to adopt common processes across our entire national organization,” says Glass. “The enhancement strategy is to look at how we can expand and improve our services and deliver efficiencies to ourselves and to our customers and partners.”

Increased Efficiency and Reduced Errors

After the software implementation, the once manually intensive ordering process between Menasha and Maytag has been automated. Maytag now enters new packaging material orders into its internal system, where the order is automatically sent, entered and processed into Menasha's software system. This increases order accuracy, improves delivery management and inventory visibility. As a result the overall transaction costs have been dramatically reduced.

Impact on Bottom Line

As a result of the system implementation, all orders between Menasha and its supplier Innovative Packaging have become computerized. Order processing time has been dramatically reduced at both ends, and errors have been virtually eliminated. “Pricing pressures have become more intense,” says John Lingle, President of Innovative Packaging Corporation. “The integration with Menasha's Epicor ERP system has allowed us to reduce errors and decrease our turn around from a couple of hours to 20 minutes.”

Empowering Users Internally

With the successful implementation of the BVP system across most of Menasha's plants, the company is now looking for new ways to add value. The next step is to standardize all business practices making these processes more accurate. To start defining best practices in the different business units, Menasha is implementing four internal user groups that are each in charge of their own focus area. The main goal is to streamline business practices, and allow users to make decisions regarding the usage of the system. Already, this approach has proven successful as users are taking greater ownership of the system, and offering valuable input into future enhancements. “We feel good about the decision to go with this software and where we are at with BVP,” concludes Glass.

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