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McGuckin Hardware has been a family-owned business in operation since 1955. From four departments and four people, the company has grown to 225 employees and an inventory of more than 150,000 SKUs. This 56,000 square foot location in Boulder, Colorado continues to be a quality hardware store with a reputation for excellent services and selection. Having been a long-time user of the Epicor Dimensions system, the decision to migrate to Epicor Eagle was a natural one. "We're very happy with the Eagle system," said Bill Harrison, IT manager for McGuckin Hardware. "It has improved our business in many ways."

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The Eagle system helps employees grow, explore new areas, and energizes everyone… Training on Demand increases our employees' knowledge, improves our business processes and makes us more efficient.

Bill Harrison, IT Manager | McGuckin Hardware


Company Facts
  • Location: Boulder,Colorado
  • Industry: HWHC
  • Number of Stores: 1
  • Web site:

  • Accurately manage and purchase of 150,000 SKUs
  • Easily and quickly train employees

  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Training on Demand

  • Improved inventory accuracy
  • Reduced personnel needed for purchasing by 27%
  • Increased operating efficiency from accessible training

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Refining inventory management

McGuckin's had several business issues they had to address, and one of the most difficult was in the area of inventory management. "Our biggest challenge has been inventory control, given the number of SKUs we have," said Harrison. "We struggled to maintain an accurate inventory. But with the Eagle system, Compass analytics, and the Eagle Mobile scanners, we now keep better track of our inventory."

Reduced labor hours in the purchasing department

Prior to Eagle, the purchasing process required a sizable staff. After implementing the Eagle system, as employees retired, McGuckin did not rehire. "A great benefit has been in purchasing," said Harrison. "With accurate suggested orders and order point calculations, we streamlined the purchasing department, improved our buyers' efficiency, and reduced labor hours. Eagle has helped us rework the department to function more efficiently. At one time we had 18 buyers. Now we easily operate with only 13. We do more with less."

Improved promotional capabilities

McGuckin's also revamped its marketing. "We now run more complicated promotions including buy-one-get-one-free deals using Dynamic Promotions," said Harrison. "We are increasing our business and generating excitement at point of sale. We're very pleased with our ability to generate exciting promotions."

With the approaching addition of the Customer Loyalty module planned for 2013, McGuckin's anticipates being able to generate coupons, track which customers use particular coupons, and what they purchased in conjunction with those coupons. "We look forward to the sheer number of analytics that the new loyalty program will enable us to track," said Harrison. "We will be able to vastly expand our loyalty program."

Online access to billing improves customer loyalty

The back office is unusually quiet these days as more and more customers go online to McGuckin's new customer portal to get important billing information. "Customers now research their own billing issues," said Harrison. "It has been a good service to offer and has reduced calls to the back office."'

Training on Demand

To ensure a smooth transition from Dimensions to Eagle, McGuckin's implemented Training on Demand, an online self-paced subscription module that provides brief, generally around 10 minutes, training videos on all aspects of the Eagle system. "We now teach our employees easier ways to work with the system," said Harrison. "I customized the training environment and assigned classes based on each employee's job function and knowledge level. I see what they have completed and what they still have to finish. The ten minute training videos make it easy for our employees to complete assignments. Training on Demand increases our employees' knowledge, improves our processes and makes us more efficient."

Infusing new energy

McGuckin Hardware benefits from its high-energy environment. "The Eagle system helps employees grow, explore new areas, and it energizes everyone," said Harrison. "Implementing the Eagle system creates growth opportunities within the company. It moves us forward in everything we do."

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