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Mansfield Plumbing Products, founded in 1929, produces plumbing fixtures and fittings for use in residential, commercial, and institutional markets. Mansfield manufactures more than 2 million pieces of sanitary ware each year at its U.S. headquarters in Perrysville, Ohio.

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With Epicor CMS, our inventory accuracy has been 99 percent accurate.

Taft Thomas, Director of Information Services | Mansfield Plumbing Products
Company Facts
  • Location: Perrysville, Ohio, United States
  • Industry: Producer of plumbing fixtures and fittings
  • Web site:

  • Implement an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that provides visibility of real-time information to support the supply chain and enhance customer service.

  • Epicor CMS
  • Epicor Customer and Vendor Portal, an e-business suite for online, real-time supply chain collaboration

  • Visibility of accurate, real-time information
  • High inventory accuracy
  • Enhanced supply chain collaboration
  • Enhanced customer service

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The complete package

Mansfield Plumbing has used Epicor since the mid 1990s. "The robustness of Epicor CMS manufacturing element from the shop floor has been impressive," says Taft Thomas, director of information systems at Mansfield. "More importantly, Epicor CMS is a complete package. There are modules for everything, from warehouse management, financial management, customer management, sales management, and manufacturing and production management. We didn't have to buy and integrate two or three different systems to run our business."

Mansfield Plumbing's products are sold through retail, select plumbing distributors, do-it-yourself home improvement centers, and designer kitchen and bath showrooms. Because Mansfield Plumbing uses Epicor CMS radio frequency (RF) labeling capabilities, the company was able to sign a top three big box chain. "We'll receive about 150 replenishment orders for the big box's various stores per week," says Thomas.

"Before shipping, each has to be labeled and palletized so when they arrive at our customer's distribution centers they can be routed to the correct stores. Epicor CMS has helped us meet these shipping and labeling requirements out of the box."

Integrated EDI

To be more efficient and reduce costs Mansfield Plumbing transitioned to the Epicor CMS integrated electronic data interchange (EDI) solution. "We have moved several trading partners over to the system, which has quickly helped lighten the burden on our IT department," says Thomas. "Another benefit of EDI being handled in Epicor CMS is if something isn't right, then the system will alert you before it's sent to the customer. Epicor CMS allows us to be proactive instead of reactive."

Real-time visibility

Epicor CMS supply chain management and distribution resource planning features allow Mansfield Plumbing to manage all its stock rooms and stock levels. The company's purchasing department uses the MRP module at all plant locations to create and manage weekly production schedules, and to manage the replenishment of finished goods and purchased raw materials. "With Epicor CMS, our inventory accuracy has been 99 percent accurate," says Thomas.

Lean initiative support

To support lean initiatives, Mansfield Plumbing also uses Epicor CMS print distribution functionalities to automatically convert order acknowledgements and invoices to PDF. They are sent by email from within the system instead of by traditional mail or fax. "Going paperless is a time and money saver, and it's working well," says Thomas. "Our customers like it too."

Improved supply chain collaboration

Mansfield Plumbing uses Epicor Customer and Vendor Portal option for Epicor CMS, an online portal for seamless, real-time communication directly with suppliers and customers. The integrated application enables online access to select real-time data residing directly in Epicor CMS.

Mansfield Plumbing uses the Epicor Customer and Vendor Portal function to allow customers to place orders via the Internet. The order is then immediately and fully integrated into Epicor CMS. "Epicor Customer and Vendor Portal allowed us to bring sales literature fulfillment back in-house to reduce costs," says Thomas. "Our customers were used to ordering our literature online from the print house. Now they can do that directly with us. All we had to do was set up those products in our item master, tag them, and create a buy list."

The Epicor Customer and Vendor Portal acts as an alternative to EDI. Suppliers create ASNs online that immediately alert Mansfield Plumbing of incoming shipments. "It's been instrumental for our purchasing department to receive ASNs from suppliers who don't have traditional EDI," says Thomas. "That in-transit visibility has expanded the information that our customer service and purchasing teams have at their fingertips. It helps us plan better and has been great for supporting the supply chain."

Mansfield Plumbing also uses the Epicor Customer and Vendor Portal, which provides its suppliers with access to current vendor performance data, increasing visibility into areas potentially in need of corrective action, such as product quality, on-time delivery and order accuracy.

"We like Epicor Customer and Vendor Portal because it is an extension to the Epicor CMS system," says Thomas. "It's helped us with our strategic improvement initiative to ensure we consistently have information available to support the supply chain and enhance customer service."

"Epicor CMS is a complete package. There are modules for everything. We didn't have to buy and integrate two or three different systems to run our business."
- Taft Thomas, Director of Information Systems

Hard-to-beat approach

According to Thomas, the biggest benefits of Epicor CMS to Mansfield Plumbing have been the level of integration of the system and the team at Epicor. "Epicor CMS provides a solid, multifunctional ERP package so you don't have to supplement with third-party applications," says Thomas. "It has kept up and expanded with us. The integration of real-time information has been great. Epicor also has a great support team. They've always been ready to help me with any challenges. Their attitude and their approach to help find a solution are hard to beat."

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