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Madison Lumber and Hardware

Company Facts

  • Headquarters: Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Founded: 1967
  • Affiliation: True Value
  • Solution: Epicor Eagle Gift Card

"The Gift Card solution is easy to implement and use. Our dollars sold on gift cards tripled when we switched to the Gift Card solution. It was well worth the investment!"

Janice Walker, Controller | Madison Lumber and Hardware

Since 1967, Madison Lumber and Hardware has grown into a $14 million business. In their push to outpace their competition, Madison upgraded to the Epicor Eagle system in 2005. Specifically, they implemented the Eagle system to streamline their special order and point of sale processes. Five years later, public demand for gift cards, along with the chance to improve tracking abilities, convinced Madison that they needed the Gift Card module, too.

Easy Activation Leads to Better Customer Service 

Madison used paper gift certificates before switching to the Gift Card solution in November of 2009. "We kept our paper gift certificates in a controlled location," explains Janice Walker, controller for Madison Lumber and Hardware. "When customers wanted a gift certificate, the cashier would have to go upstairs to accounting where the certificate book was kept. Sometimes no one would be available, and in those instances, we couldn't sell the paper gift certificates at all." 

The Epicor Gift Card program streamlined Madison's gift certificate process considerably. "Issuing gift cards is a very straightforward transaction now, and it was very easy for our cashiers to learn," states Janice. "We can activate them at the front counter instantly, which has really improved our customer service."

Improved Gift Card Tracking 

Being able to track gift cards has been a key element to Madison's successful gift card program. "With paper certificates, I did all of our tracking in a spreadsheet. It was cumbersome to make manual entries and reconciliations. And I had the spreadsheet password protected. I was the only one that could look up unused balances," notes Janice. Today, Madison has much better data visibility with the Epicor Gift Card solution. "When we issue a gift card now, we activate it. 

That activation is a transaction we can follow in the Eagle system along with every use of the gift card. We see how much was used, outstanding balances, and everything we need for reconciliation. The tracking feature is one of the reasons we chose to go with the Gift Card solution. It's automated and so simple to use."

The Proof is the Sales 

During the holiday season, Madison used to sell approximately 125 paper gift certificates. Though the quantity of transactions didn't change with the switch to the Gift Card solution, the dollars sold did. "Customers would often purchase $25 or $50 paper gift certificates. We seldom sold paper certificates for $100 or more. 

The gift cards produced better results. We sold 10 gift cards at over $500 each. We even sold one for more than $2,000," exclaims Janice. "We didn't have more transactions with the gift cards, but we did have larger transactions." Janice concludes, "The Gift Card solution is easy to implement and use. Our dollars sold on gift cards tripled when we switched to the Gift Card solution. It was well worth the investment!"

About Epicor 

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