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Macromex knows a thing or two about continuous business development; after all, they are the largest importer of frozen and refrigerated products in Romania.

With over 440 employees in nine locations all around the country Macromex has one of the most proficient logistic infrastructures in Romania - 265 vehicles, three distribution centers and a total storage capacity of more than 12,000 tons.

Because of its size, Macromex needed a flexible and secure enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that would be able to manage the entire business and deliver real-time data and reports for each activity.

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"We have reduced the time it takes to prepare deliveries and, importantly, we  have significantly reduced costs. This solution provides us with a long series of competitive advantages."

Dan Minulescu, General Manager | Macromex


Company Facts
  • Location: Bucharest
  • Industry: Distribution
  • Number of Stores: 10
  • Web  site: www.macromex.com

  • It would have been harder for Macromex to reach the efficiency level it has today if it couldn't rely on a flexible enterprise resources management solution.

  • Epicor iScala

  • Analysis tools allow tracking of operational progress minute-by-minute
  • Significantly reduced training and delivery times, automatic printing of shipping notes and invoices throughout the subsidiaries
  • Any type of report is available for all subsidiaries, at any time
  • Price changes, special offers and discounts are generated and used simultaneously in all subsidiaries
  • Accurate stock planning is now a reality

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Traditional Record Keeping

Today it would be hard to imagine that any company records financial and operational data by pen and paper and then manually enters that information into a computerized system, resulting in inevitable human errors and wasting resources. This was Macromex situation.

Moreover, without having a high-performance ERP system in place Macromex couldn't respond to customers' requirements as quickly as they wanted. And the managerial team could not access operational information to support timely decision making when required.

A Flexible and Viable System

"Epicor iScala ERP proved to be the right solution for our needs", says Dan Minulescu, general manager for Macromex. "In addition to the advantages of an integrated system, the price-quality ratio, as well as local support, was crucial to us when making this choice. Epicor's professional team made the implementation process extremely easy due to their adaptable and professional approach. Because they always try to improve a company's business processes they offered us full support throughout each step of the implementation."

To start with, Epicor helped Macromex install the financial processes in order to centralize all financial transactions within the organization and improve the way that payments are managed. Recently, by adding processes for promissory notes, the company can also track checks and promissory notes.

One of the modules that have had a significant impact on the business is the connectivity solution, which is used to integrate Epicor iScala with a specialized warehouse management application-Knapp WMS.

The orders that are entered in Epicor iScala are automatically imported into the WMS system, which processes the order (picking, delivery, etc.) and completes the inbound and outbound documentation. When the order is confirmed, the stock movement is automatically entered in Epicor iScala.

The planning of the vehicle loads and delivery routes is done within a separate optimization application, which communicates with Epicor iScala through the connectivity module. Also, by using the same module, an EDI (electronic data interchange) system has been implemented; this automatically retrieves orders from those customers who also have an EDI system in place, and automatically enters them straight into the system.

"Epicor continuously develop its solutions, and newer versions are always significantly improved. During each stage of our company development they have been able to offer us the right solution. This is one of the reasons why we have stayed with Epicor for more than 11 years," says Marius Sîrbu, IT manager.

More recently, a SFA (sales force automation) system was integrated with Epicor iScala, using the connectivity solution to integrate with stock management, sales orders, sales registry, and purchase orders. This solution allows sales representatives to retrieve information about customers, such as orders and financial information, during their visits to customers in remote locations. Moreover, one particular sales division has implemented the solution at a national level to also allow staff in the delivery vehicles to check stock, and issue delivery notes and invoices, when they deliver goods to a customer.

Thanks to the multi-company functionality and the availability of localized versions, Epicor iScala was successfully implemented in less than a month. In the Czech Republic subsidiary, Macromex Czech, employees use the system in the Czech language while the Romanian support and management team uses the Romanian version.

Future plans include extending the EDI system to automatically exchange other types of messages-such as shipping notes and invoices-with partners and suppliers.

More, Faster, Efficiently

By implementing Epicor iScala in all nine locations of the company, Macromex today receives orders from all over the country, and information regarding stock and sales is available in the system straight away.

Thus, at any time, product budgets can be planned for medium and long term. The time for the information to become available for the managerial team has been significantly reduced. Reports regarding existing orders compared with current stock, along with forecasts for specific time periods, now allow managers to plan more efficiently, and respond to customers' requirements straight away.

"Thanks to Epicor iScala's latest release we can coordinateoperations with a never before seen efficiency. Everything runs in real-timeand data is accurate, which helps us to respond even faster to our customers'needs."
Virgil Melinte, Chief Operating Officer

"Thanks to Epicor iScala's latest release we can coordinate operations with a never before seen efficiency. Everything runs in real-time and data is accurate, which helps us to respond even faster to our customers' needs," says Virgil Melinte, chief operating officer.

Cristi Rusu, chief financial officer adds, "In addition to the fact that this business solution is perfectly adapted to the tax legislation in Romania, Epicor iScala also offers powerful support for decisions, something we use when assessing company projects and initiatives. The financial predictions are indispensable to a modern and successful business, and Epicor iScala gives me a multitude of possibilities to that effect."

Another important advantage comes from using the connectivity solution, which massively reduces human errors. The use of traditional pen and paper methods and manual data entry has been greatly reduced. At the same time, the Epicor iScala database is very flexible when Macromex wants to implement new data and processes, which can be done without interrupting or disturbing the company's current activities.

Starting with the database users can also generate detailed reports and analysis, with different complexity and coverage, based on individuals' specific requirements.

"We can react quickly to internal operational changes as well as external market conditions, making sound business decisions based on accurate and reliable data. We have reduced the time it takes to prepare deliveries and, importantly, we have significantly reduced costs. This solution provides us with a long series of competitive advantages. Honestly? I don't recommend iScala to the competition…!" says Minulescu jokingly.

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