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Little Hardware sheds light on newly implemented Training Program-essential for company growth

Since 1922, Little Hardware Company has been dedicated to the distribution of industrial supplies, hardware, and an extensive list of other products to corporations, retail companies, and individuals. Little Hardware is a family-owned business that has served the Charlotte, North Carolina area for 90 years. They are proud of their reputation for excellent customer service, and for helping customers locate those “hard to fi nd” items. To remain dedicated to their reputation and maintain an up-to-speed staff, Little Hardware migrated to the Epicor Training on Demand program for its ease-of-use, timesaving capabilities, and customizable training sessions. In a very short period of time, Little Hardware began to appreciate the savings.

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The Epicor Training on Demand program helps us provide our employees with the essential training tools, which, in return, improves our customer service and helps our business grow.

Kyle Little, eCommerce and IT Manager | Little Hardware
Company Facts
  • Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Industry: Retail hardware
  • Number of Stores: 1
  • Web site:

  • Providing employees with unified training, quickly and at the same level

  • Epicor Training on Demand

  • Improved customer service and overall business performance
  • Cohesive training for all employees
  • Provides user-friendly modules for employees who are not too computer savvy

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Increased employee training = Satisfied customers

When Little Hardware fi rst implemented Training on Demand, they were able to set-up individualized agendas for their employees. “We had a variety of employees at different levels-new hires joined the team right at the time of implementation. This allowed us to immediately test the training program with our new and experienced staff simultaneously,” said Kyle Little, eCommerce and IT Manager for Little Hardware. “Because of the ability to tailor Training on Demand to our store, we were able to complete training at a much faster pace than ever before.”

Through the Training on Demand modules, Little Hardware has signifi cantly reduced the time it takes to get new employees caught up to speed and veteran employees familiar with the computer system.

Simple transition

“We have experienced the Epicor commitment of helping their customers improve their operations-Training on Demand has already improved our customer service and overall business performance.” The Training on Demand program is powered by the Epicor Learning Management System, which allows users to identify training needs and help managers and employees review training progress, determine remaining lessons, and track scores. This, in turn, allows for a simple transition into new training opportunities and provides user-friendly modules for employees who are not as computer savvy.

About Epicor Training on Demand

The Epicor Training on Demand system is an eLearning tool. It provides rich, job-specifi c training tailored to the needs of every individual at every skill level within your company. Most modules take less than ten minutes to complete, and provide training personalized to the needs of retail employees of all skill and experience levels, and learning abilities.

The Training on Demand curriculum includes a wealth of individual lessons designed to teach new skills, strengthen existing skills, and empower your employees to grow in their jobs or train for new positions. Courses cover both retail best practices, and Epicor Eagle features from basic to advanced.

The Training on Demand solution is self-paced-allowing users to move at their own pace and repeat lessons as needed-to strengthen and reinforce learning.

About Epicor

Epicor Software Corporation is a global leader delivering business software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industries. With more than 40 years of experience, Epicor has more than 20,000 customers in over 150 countries. Epicor solutions enable companies to drive increased effi ciency and improve profi tability. With a history of innovation, industry expertise and passion for excellence, Epicor inspires customers to build lasting competitive advantage. Epicor provides the single point of accountability that local, regional, and global businesses demand. For more information, visit

Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of manufacturers and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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