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Limeberry Lumber

Company Facts

  • Headquarters: Corydon, Indiana
  • Annual Sales: Nearly $5 million
  • Sales Breakdown: 60% Contractor, 40% Retail
  • Number of Employees: 18
  • Locations: 1
  • Founded: 1961
  • Affiliation: Do it Best®

"Since we converted from CS2000 to Eagle, we have more capabilities. Eagle has functions that help run our business better. It's a great change."
Scott Limeberry, Vice President | Limeberry Lumber


Limeberry Lumber Converts from CS2000 to Epicor Eagle and Gains Immediate Business Improvements

Limeberry Lumber Company is a third-generation home center with lumber, building materials, millwork, hardware, paint, and a kitchen and bath center operating out of a 10,000 square foot facility in southern Indiana. With the sunset date announced for CS2000, Limeberry needed to convert to a new system. Selecting Epicor Eagle for its robust functionality, solid industry reputation and backing by Do it Best, Limeberry saw immediate gains. Point of sale is both easier to use and more powerful. Document Management saves hours and resources in the back office. Business Advisor delivers at-a-glance performance information that wasn't available with CS2000. Limeberry is thrilled with their new system for its capabilities today and innovations for tomorrow.

Replacing CS2000 with Epicor Eagle

Because they needed to make a move from CS2000 to a new system, Limeberry selected the Eagle system-a product with the history and reputation to meet its needs. According to Scott Limeberry, vice president, "It was important that Do it Best supported the software we chose." Limeberry strategically converted early so that employee time would be spent learning and using the go-forward solution. "We saw no point in waiting and using what would be a dead system. It didn't make sense to waste even an hour on a system that we would be replacing," continues Scott. "We decided to convert early and get employees using the new system."

The conversion was smooth due to assistance from the Epicor team. "Epicor converted all our old files and inventory information. They trained all of us, even employees in the store, so that when we went live it was very smooth," recalls Scott. "When we have questions, Epicor phone support quickly answers."

"The more time I spend with Eagle, the more I see how much it can do. It's such a deep system and more advanced than CS2000. Since we converted, we have more capabilities. Eagle has functions that help run our business better. The change has been great for us," says Scott. "There has been many times where I've discovered a function in Eagle that meets a need that was never met by our old system. We're done using workarounds, Eagle does it all."

Eagle Point of Sale (POS) is a Leap Ahead

Limeberry finds Eagle to be very easy for cashiers to learn and use, while at the same time has far more functionality than CS2000. "Eagle point of sale is a big plus for us. It's great how you can quickly move from the point-of-sale screen to search for a product. Even someone with limited computer experience can type in a vague description and find a SKU. It's easy to train employees to use," explains Scott.

Transforming the Back Office

Moving from manual processes of sorting, copying, alphabetizing, filing, and stapling, Limeberry now enjoys an automated Epicor Document Management solution. "Document Management changed our lives. We literally spent hours every month preparing statements, even taking files home to sort. Today, the statements print on a laser printer and all of our documents are stored electronically," describes Scott. "It's more accurate and it has saved us so much time we even trained a back office clerk to do other jobs because she no longer had enough to do!"

Inventory Management is Easy, Yet Powerful

Limeberry appreciates Eagle's inventory module that contains a wealth of information, yet is easily accessible. "I'll be researching a product to find information like price or last date of purchase and see all this other information that I didn't even think to look for. It's all right there and easily accessible without switching between screens. Information flows so smoothly and logically, I can find any data I need with minimal effort," explains Scott.

Epicor Business Advisor Changes Business Management

"My favorite module is Business Advisor. It's a fantastic tool. I absolutely love it," exclaims Scott. "It's in use all day long as I quickly check up-to-the-minutes sales, inventory, make comparisons year-to-year, or view any other information. I like that store information is instantly available so that I don't have to keep it in my head, or print reports all the time."

Scott recently added Epicor remote access software to his laptop computer so he can access Eagle and use Business Advisor from anywhere he has an internet connection. "Eagle has given me a lot more freedom. It used to be at the end of the month I always had to be at the store until statements were complete. Now I can go home and log on at night from the comfort of home, without the interruptions of the office. It's a great feature," explains Scott.

A Solution for Today, and Tomorrow

Limeberry is confident in its selection of Eagle. Integration with other third party applications like lumber estimating and rental is important. As is Eagle's constant innovation with modules like Document Management and Check Verification. "There are lots of choices of business management and point of sale solutions, but none are as impressive as Eagle. It makes other solutions look weak in comparison. The Eagle constant enhancements will help our business now and for many years into the future," concludes Scott.

About Epicor

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