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Leon’s Car Care Center

Company Facts

  • Location: Eureka, California
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Number of Stores: 3
  • Employees: 30

"When a customer asks if we can have their car ready that same day, we don't have to make a series of timeconsuming telephone calls or create estimates based on hunches or guesswork."

Dale Warmuth, General Manager | Leon's Car Care Center

Repair Orders Done in Minutes

It's a busy Monday morning in Eureka, California. As she drives to work, Cindy Fields suddenly hears an unusual sound from her car's engine. She changes her route and heads towards Leon's Car Care Center. She is optimistic that Leon's will be able to quickly repair her car, as they have in the past, and she'll have it back by five o'clock that evening.

Meanwhile, at Leon's, the morning rush is in full swing. Other customers are dropping off their vehicles with confidence that Leon's will deliver on the five o'clock promise. That's because Leon's Car Care Center leverages cutting edge information technology powered by Epicor to streamline parts sourcing and other critical processes.

Just a few blocks away at Six Rivers Warehouse, countermen are also grappling with the early morning surge. Many of Six Rivers' customers are phoning the parts counter and asking questions about the parts they'll need to repair the cars in their shops on that busy Monday.

But none of those calls are coming from Leon's Car Care Center. Instead, staff members at Leon's are using Epicor AConneX to interface directly with Six Rivers' inventory over the Internet and instantly generate orders.

"We're cutting in line," says Dale Warmuth, general manager at Leon's. "We are able to cut out the parts counter at the warehouse and go straight through to the ordering process. That significantly expedites the delivery of the parts we need."

When Cindy pulls her car into the shop, a service writer at Leon's identifies the cause of the engine noise and then uses their R.O. Writer shop management system to begin building the repair order. Using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from Cindy's car, the service writer searches the electronic parts catalog at Six Rivers Warehouse, reviewing photos and details to determine the precise parts and labor operations required to do the repair. The system shows him that the parts are in stock. The pricing is listed and entered, and the repair order is completed.

Behind the scenes, R.O. Writer enables Leon's to link to Six Rivers' comprehensive Epicor Cover-to-Cover electronic catalog by using the online connectivity solution, AConneX. Once connected, Cover-to-Cover provides specific information like pictures, installation guides, OE references, product specifications, safety data, and more. This level of detail helps the service writer order the correct parts for Cindy's car and establish all the elements necessary for the repair. An accurate estimate can be generated for Cindy in just a few minutes. Six Rivers delivers the parts to Leon's within 30 minutes of the electronic order.

"When a customer asks if we can have their car ready that same day, we don't have to make a series of time-consuming telephone calls or create estimates based on hunches or guesswork," Dale says. "Because of Epicor, we can look the customer in the eye and tell them exactly when we will have their car ready.

"The volume of electronic orders is growing all the time. At this point, at least 40 percent of our orders come through AConneX. Our customers love it."

Dale Warmuth, General Manager

Everybody Wins! Distributor and Service Dealer See Their Businesses Grow

Epicor has helped Six Rivers maintain a healthy growth rate without needing to hire extra staff. "Just before we started using AConneX, we had two full-time staff members who were dedicated strictly to answering phone calls from our installer accounts," says Ken Cook, president of Six Rivers Warehouse. "I was at the point of needing to hire a third phone person. But AConneX and Cover-to-Cover took the strain off the phone staff. That saved us the cost of a full time employee."

Now the majority of Six Rivers' top customers order through AConneX, accessing the powerful Epicor catalog. "The volume of electronic orders is growing all the time," Ken says. "And that's a good thing for us. At this point, at least 40 percent of our orders come through AConneX. Our customers love it. They not only skip the phone counter, they also get all the advantages of our Cover-to-Cover catalog. That includes so much more than merely seeing the parts."

Cover-to-Cover shows Ken's customers manufacturer-provided installation instructions, so they know they can correctly install the parts they purchase. It also has TSBs that provide the latest information on application issues. It gives them specific product specifications like part dimensions and warranty information. It even provides wiring diagrams for electrical parts. "All that detailed data helps everyone be more productive," Ken says. "It's information that they would otherwise need to track down somewhere else, or phone us about. With Cover-to-Cover, everything is in one place."

Ken says the online method is spreading like wildfire. Now every time Six Rivers signs a new customer, they immediately ask to get onto the Internet-based system. And long-time customers like Leon's are ordering more from Six Rivers than they previously did because of AConneX and Cover-to-Cover and the growth they support.

Dale estimates that Leon's Car Care Center places approximately 800 parts orders per month, and 90 percent of those orders are done online using AConneX. "There's no way we could do the volume we do without Epicor," he says. "AConneX, Cover-to-Cover, and the Epicor technology inside R.O. Writer streamline virtually every step in a job for us. If we didn't use Epicor, we might still be in business, but I think we'd be doing about one third the volume."

"Epicor enables us to deliver the best customer service in town while vastly boosting our productivity," Dale summarizes. "It adds value to our relationship with Six Rivers upstream, and enhances our relationships with our end customers downstream. Everybody wins!"

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