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Lee’s Home Center

Company Facts

  • Location: Millstadt, Illinois
  • Industry: Hardware and Home Center
  • Number of Employees: 26
  • Website: www.leeshomecenter.com
  • Co-op: Do it Best

"Over the years, Epicor has played a huge role in how we run our business. We absolutely rely on our Eagle system every day. We couldn’t run our business without it. I say that Eagle is like a reliable employee that’s always there and never quits.”

Dan Vogel, IT Manager | Lee’s Home Center


Lee’s Home Center is a full-service, 65,000 square foot home center selling hardware, paint, lumber, and garden supplies to homeowners, contractors, and businesses in its location outside St. Louis, Missouri since 1958. Lee’s prides itself on using technology to better serve its customers and to stay ahead of the competition. Impressed by the state-of-the-art features in the Epicor Eagle N Series software, Lee’s IT Manager, Dan Vogel, elected to upgrade from Eagle to the new Eagle N Series solution.

Easy transition to new functionality

“We implemented Eagle N Series in order to take advantage of the new interface and benefits it brings to our store today and into the future. The user interface is clean, intuitive, and has the Microsoft® Office® look and feel, which is familiar to our employees,” said Vogel. “Switching to Eagle N Series is smooth and causes next to no disruption to daily operations, in part because you can customize terminal by terminal how much of the Eagle N Series functionality you want. You can gradually add the Eagle N Series functionality, which made the transition easier for our team. We haven’t hired anyone since going live, but I clearly see how much faster it would be to train a new employee.”

“There are many features that are practical and simply improve our productivity. One appreciated enhancement is the ability to quickly scroll through Viewer grids by using the mouse scroll wheel,” said Vogel. “Another is the new ribbon, allowing us to add our most used functions to the Favorites section, so that it’s one click to get to frequently accessed screens, instead of several. It’s also faster to find information with the new bold headings with logically grouped options listed below in the ‘Go To’ menus. We also appreciate that we have direct access to analytics from within Inventory, Vendor, and Customer Maintenance tabs. It’s just a click and we see the charts, graphs, and data we need.”

Customer information in one spot

Perhaps the most significant benefit that Eagle N Series brought to Lee’s Home Center is having customer information entered and stored in one location. “Having customer e-mail information in one area saves time and makes it very easy for us to export e-mail addresses for marketing using the new Contacts Viewer. E-mail marketing is by far the best benefit that we are seeing with Eagle N Series,” said Vogel.

“I think all retailers should switch to Eagle N Series as soon as they can. It’s an easy migration and allows you to gain benefits from day one. Just do it,” said Vogel. “Over the years, Epicor has played a huge role in how we run our business. We absolutely rely on our Eagle system every day. We couldn’t run our business without it. I say that Eagle is like a reliable employee that’s always there and never quits! The new Eagle N Series continues that long tradition.”

Improvements to repair service operations

Lee’s Home Center wanted to improve its repair service operations with more accurate tracking than its manual, paperbased system could provide. For both in-house window and screen repairs and outsourced small tool repairs, Lee’s now has readily available status information, because they implemented the Epicor Eagle Service & Repair module to help. 

Before using the Epicor Service & Repair module, Lee’s window and screen repairs were entered into the Epicor Eagle system using the freehand notes section to record details. Small tool repairs were entered on a paper form. Both processes left room for error. “It was a challenge to get employees to enter all the information we needed. It was inaccurate with too much missing information,” says Vogel. “Now, the software guides our clerks through the service order process, capturing critical information like tool brand, model, and serial number. They are producing service tickets that are 80% more accurate than before. It has been an enormous improvement.”

Improving customer service

Another benefit is having customers’ history saved in the system. “In the past, we’d have to retype our customers’ information each time they came in,” notes Vogel. “Now, we add our cash customers once, and we have their history. The next time they bring a screen to us for repair, their information is already there. It saves us time, and shows our customers that we know them. Our customers like the improved service.”

Repairs are easy

Lee’s also uses the Service & Repair module to better track repair status. “Having all the information in the system helps us answer customer questions faster,” states Vogel. “It’s easy to look up repair status at any computer terminal. If a customer calls wondering if they’ll get their tool by the weekend, we can pull up their service order, see where the tool is, and quickly make a call to the outsourced repair center to find out when we’ll receive it. We don’t have to go to a paper file in the back. It saves a lot of time.”

From more accurate service tickets to easier status tracking, Lee’s has realized significant benefits from the Epicor Eagle Service & Repair module. “It has been very beneficial for us. It eliminates the use of paper forms and is more accurate. A solution that can do so much is well worth the investment,” concludes Vogel. “Epicor Service & Repair would be a great addition to any repair operation.”

Success Highlights:


  • Increasing efficiency
  • Improve customer service


  • Epicor® Eagle N Series®
  • Epicor Eagle Service & Repair


  • Intuitive interface saves time on routine tasks
  • Easy access to customer information for e-mail marketing
  • Repairs are easy, no more searching through paper files