Laboratorios Kimiceg

Company Facts

  • Location: Venezuela
  • Industry: Pharmaceutical
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"Epicor has allowed us to be more efficient in our procurement plans, our productive and financial processes."

Ricardo Blanco, IT Manager| Laboratorios Kimiceg

Established in Venezuela back in 1986, Laboratorios Kimiceg manufactures and  markets high quality generic products, including analgesics, anti-inflammatory  drugs, antipyretics, hypotensive drugs, antibacterial agents, and cough suppressors, which widely accepted by the consumers. The company's plant is located in Maracay and manufactures nearly 10 million units of generic drugs per year. It is strongly commitment to quality, best practices for pharmaceutical manufacturing and strict cost analysis.

With the purpose of supporting the organization's growth plan, through the  incorporation of cutting edge technology, Kimiceg started the implementation of the Epicor solution in February 2006, and in only two and a half months, the system was up and running.

"Prior to implementing Epicor we had no process integration, and were using a  homemade system to perform all processes, which created more work and set  significant limitations for our growth," said Ricardo Blanco, IT Manager for Kimiceg.

Since the Epicor implementation, Kimiceg has integrated all its business  processes, from sales projection, purchase and production planning, to order  capture, invoicing and collection. "This has allowed us to be more efficient in our procurement plans, our productive and financial processes," he said.

The support of Kimiceg's senior management, the active input from users and  consulting support by Epicor Partner SCS Venezuela, were key factors to the success of the project. He also emphasized the completeness of the standard functionality the Epicor solution provided for the pharmaceutical industry, which eliminated the need to perform several customizations to adapt the solution to Kimiceg requirements.

"With Epicor we have placed technology in the top of the wave. To integrate our processes and functions has allowed the organization to grow, not only from the sales point of view, but the human resource view, by raising the technological level of the users," said Blanco.

Epicor handles the planning of production and purchases-master producting scheduling (MPS) and materials requirments planning (MRP)-which allows them to foresee the future demand, and based on that information, suggest the purchasing needs and production orders to be placed.

"Nowadays, this is the first process performed by planning and logistics users on the first day of every month. No purchase order is placed that does not come from the strategic plan given by Epicor solution," added Blanco. The system indicates the supplies and materials needed to fullfil the production plan, which in turn  depends on sales projection. As a result, the purchase order process has been reduced from 15 to 3 days.

With the support of Epicor, Kimiceg has managed to develop its own management indicators and are considering the integration of Epicor Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

SOA-based integration 

Built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), and Microsoft .NET platform, Epicor has allowed a seamless integration with a mobile Web-based order capture system, provided by IBC Carvajal, from which the drug stores located along the country, place their orders and these are procesed in real time, going at once to the packing process. The Epicor solution assigns batches, unleashes the process  of shipping guides, and is reflected at the same time in accounting  and inventory. 

Epicor ERP for Chemical and Pharmaceutical 

Epicor ERP for Chemical and Pharmaceutical organizations is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning suite that provides specific functionality to meet the complex needs of the pharmaceutical, chemistry, food and beverages and cosmetic industries. The solution offers finance, supply chain, manufacturing, and customer service functionality, enabling companies to gain better cost management, increase profits, and manage their operations. 

About Epicor 

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Success Highlights:


  • Integrate all organization processes for better efficiency and support to growth plan


  • Epicor


  • Integration of all business processes
  • Improved efficiency of procurement plans, productive and financial processes
  • Purchase orders process reduced from 15 days to 3
  • Orders managed in real time
  • Seamless integration with a mobile sales system and a Web-based order capture system