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Klem's Gift Card

Company Facts


  • Location: Spencer, Massuchussetts
  • Industry: Farm and Agriculture

"It's easy, flexible, customers love it, and Klem´s staff love it"
Nick Kachadoorian, IT Inventory and Purchasing Manager | Klem's


Klem's Increases Revenue with Epicor Gift Card Solution

In Spencer, Massachusetts, 10 miles west of Worcester, there's a general store where you can get a new pair of jeans, outfit your horse with a new halter, buy tropical fish and drive away with a brand new tractor. Klem's is a bustling 75,000 square foot location using the latest Epicor Eagle for Windows system to manage its entire operation including some 300,000 SKUs.

Klem's noticed the huge growth in gift card sales for retailers across the country. With the introduction of the Epicor Gift Card solution, the management team decided that it was time for Klem's to move from paper gift certificates to gift cards as a way to increase revenue and provide loyalty program customers with in-store rewards.

The Epicor Gift Card solution makes it easy to begin. Klem's purchased the new application, then designed and ordered four different cards. "Implementation was seamless. Gift cards are activated on our existing high-speed credit card terminals. When the gift card SKU number is entered, cashiers are prompted to activate the card. It takes just minutes to learn the system, explains Nick Kachadoorian, Klem's IT, Inventory and Purchasing manager. "Transactions are fast, unlike the slow, handwritten gift certificates we used to have."

Klem's early results are impressive. In the first four months, with no major holidays, Klem's sold 500 cards with revenues of $18,000. "We have gift card displays at all our registers, and our entire sales staff is trained to suggest gift cards when a customer is trying to make a a gift decision. Customers appreciate the convenience and flexibility that gift cards offer," describes Nick. "We're confident that revenue will soar even higher over the holidays and next spring for Mother's Day."

An added benefit of Klem's new gift card program is the rich information available. "We know exactly how many gift cards are outstanding, who purchased them, and the value sold and remaining on each card. You just don't have that visibility with paper gift certificates," continues Nick. "Looking ahead, we are considering linking our rewards program to gift cards so we can deliver loyalty rewards on gift cards, making it convenient for customers to receive and spend. This program has been very successful thus far, with even greater gains in our future. It's easy, flexible, customers love it, and Klem's staff and management love it. It's an all around win for our business."

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