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J.P. Hart Lumber

Company Facts
• Location: San Antonio, Texas
• Industry: Lumber
• Number of Stores: 7
• Employees: 100+

“We can see that Falcon will take us to the next level. I know we're going to be a lot better off in the future.”
Mark Furse, VP Engineered Wood Products | J. P. Hart Lumber

For 70 years, J.P. Hart Lumber has provided lumber and building materials throughout Texas. Epicor Falcon is integrated into every aspect of its business-sales, inventory management, back office, and delivery-across all seven locations. Through the most recent economic downturn, Hart Lumber has used its Epicor Falcon system to successfully streamline business processes and reduce labor costs.

Epicor Falcon Enables Quicker Response to Economic Downturn

From humble beginnings in 1939 as a wholesale lumber broker, J.P. Hart Lumber has grown to seven locations dedicated to providing a diverse line of products and services to both residential and commercial contractors. They offer everything from engineering design, material takeoffs, turnkey decks, delivery, and the products contractors need to get the job done. Hart Lumber depends on Epicor Falcon to automate its increasingly complex processes and to integrate operations throughout its business.

Hart Lumber uses Epicor Falcon to mitigate some of the impact of the recent economic downturn. Hart Lumber has adapted quickly to the lower sales volume by reducing inventory, operating with less staff, and increasing inventory turns. Hart Lumber eliminated time consuming processes and looked for ways to become leaner-all facilitated by Epicor Falcon.

Anticipation of Rapid Growth Leads to Switch from Advantage to Falcon

After five years with another software company, Hart Lumber decided to switch to Epicor Falcon and went live in June 2006. “We were expanding rapidly in 2005 and 2006, and we knew our software couldn't accommodate our growth. We needed a solution that would take us to the next level. The Falcon system's many features drove us to make the switch,” explains Mark Furse, vice president of engineered wood products. “Falcon's automatic FIFO layering was a critical feature for our business. Previously, we had to manually adjust the layering but with Falcon, all our costs and quantities are automatically adjusted. Add Falcon's reporting functionality, and we were sold on Falcon,” describes Mark.

Hart Lumber Handles a Large Quote Volume with Falcon Quotes & Bids Module

Hart Lumber uses the Epicor Falcon Quotes & Bids module to manage more than 5,000 quotes now in its database. “The Falcon Quotes & Bids module has been essential. Falcon automation has improved the response time to price changes and removed some of the human-error that can come with frequent manufacturer price changes. We can now update quote pricing in about three clicks, and we're done. It has been amazing,” asserts Mark.

Hart Lumber can now quickly inform its customers of price changes. “Previously a price change meant days of data entry to update quotes. Now in a matter of minutes, our quotes can be automatically adjusted. Even if it's just a change on one item, we can flag that item, and Falcon will search all quotes and change the price. We can then run customer reports, and provide our customers with their updated pricing in spreadsheet form. It's very quick,” continues Mark.

Deliveries are On-time, Every Time

Hart Lumber recently replaced its manual, magnetic board delivery process with the Epicor Dispatch and Delivery System (DDS), which ensures efficient, timely deliveries. When a delivery truck leaves the yard, DDS sends a delivery alert to the sales department, along with a customer e-mail informing them that their shipment is on the way. When the truck arrives at their destination, DDS automatically changes the shipment status to “delivered,” and another delivery status notification e-mail is sent to the sales department and customer.

“Our dispatchers love DDS,” says Mark. “They see the real-time delivery status of all our orders,” explains Mark. “DDS has also helped us cut costs. With expensive diesel fuel, we have to make wise use of our trucks. DDS helps us manage our delivery orders more effectively.”

Hart Lumber has even gained new customers with its delivery savvy. “Our customers are very impressed, especially that we can automatically generate an e-mail when their shipment leaves our yard. In fact, we wish we had implemented DDS earlier. It has been very powerful for us.”

Dashboards Reveal Critical Business Data

Epicor Performance Driver Suite gives Hart Lumber easy-to-view reports and graphs of critical business data to manage and make more informed, quicker business decisions. Before Performance Driver Suite, management staff would spend hours preparing spreadsheet-based reports.

Performance Driver Suite changed all that. Now, when managers arrive in the morning, a dashboard shows them the key business metrics they need to monitor. “We look at month-to-date sales, annual sales, profit per yard, inventory value, inventory turns, sales by customer from year-to-year-all shown in easy-to-understand charts and graphs. The way Performance Driver displays real-time information is incredibly useful,” explains Mark.

Ready for the Next Housing Boom

J.P. Hart Lumber has remained optimistic about the future, especially with Epicor Falcon integrated throughout their business. “Our experience with Falcon has been incredible. We're in a downturn market now, but we're ready for the next big boom,” asserts Mark.

“We can see that Falcon will take us to the next level. I know we're going to be a lot better off in the future.”

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