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Intown Ace Boosts Level of Customer Service with Quick Answers and Better Buying Decisions-All from a Smartphone Epicor Success Story

Intown Ace Hardware is one of the largest Ace stores in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Major departments include lawn and garden, paint, outdoor living, gifts, and hardware. Customers can bring their dogs into the store for free treats, and then explore the store for fun finds. In fact, Ace Hardware Corporation selected Intown Ace Hardware as the "Coolest Ace Hardware Store" from more than 4,800 Ace stores worldwide. To run its cool and cutting-edge business, Intown Ace Hardware relies on Epicor Eagle and most recently added the Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager module to improve its already outstanding customer service and more efficiently run the store.

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Being able to pull out a smartphone, scan an item, and look up the price instantly while with a customer is a win for customers. Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager is raising our level of service significantly.

Dave Jones, Co-Owner | Intown Ace Hardware


Company Facts
  • Location: Decatur, Georgia
  • Ace-Hardware-Logo.png
  • Industry: HWHC
  • Number of Stores: 1
  • Web site:
  • Affiliate: Ace

  • Keeping an eye on the business while away from the store
  • Having information to make informed decisions at buying shows
  • Being more effective in the store

  • Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager

  • Improved customer service with ability to get data from smartphone
  • Smarter buying decisions at markets
  • Always connected to the store-even when away

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Monitoring store performance with a smartphone

When the owners first saw Eagle Mobile Manager at an Ace show, they were very interested to see how they could keep tabs on the business any time and anywhere. "We were intrigued," said Dave Jones, co-owner of Intown Ace Hardware. "We thought Mobile Manager would be helpful, but we had no idea just how helpful it would become. I can get a quick snapshot of the store's performance at any time and keep up with what is happening. Mobile Manager is very, very useful."

Jones uses Mobile Manager several times every day-looking at the top 100 sellers, reviewing orders, and monitoring performance of each department are just a few examples of features he uses. "I get an idea of what was sold and place orders based on sales," said Jones. "I also use it to boost morale by monitoring which departments are performing well on any given day and publicly recognizing them."

When Jones is evaluating items with a department, he can fine-tune inventory on the spot. "If we have three similar products, we can check sales history and popularity rankings to determine right there in the aisle whether we should keep all three items," said Jones.

"Since starting Mobile Manager, I have cleared shelf space and filled it with more profitable items. I now solve inventory challenges on the floor without having to run back to the computer. The instant access to information is one of the best aspects of using Mobile Manager. It's a huge time-saver!"

Level of customer service dramatically improved

The garden center department uses the price lookup feature on smartphones to improve customer service. "It's a small detail, but it has really improved customer service," said Jones. "Sometimes an item is new, or the bin tag is missing. Being able to pull out a smartphone, scan an item, and look up the price instantly while standing in the aisle is a win for customers. Mobile Manager is raising our level of service significantly."

Keeping up with the business…even while on vacation

Whether Jones is on vacation or away on business, he can keep up with the company's performance. "Wherever I am, I can quickly look up sales for the day and see how the business is doing," said Jones. "I can see if there's a reason to go back to the store on my day off or add staff if sales volume has increased. It gives me the flexibility to get away and still attend to the needs of the business."

Improved buying at markets

Jones has also improved his ability to make informed purchases at buying markets. "I used Mobile Manager at the last two Ace Markets," said Jones. "I looked up an item's quantity-on-hand and also saw how fast the product sold in the previous 12 months. Rather than having nothing in front of me to base my decisions on, I had concise and useful information. Mobile Manager really enables me to make better buying decisions when I'm at markets." Jones has been very happy with the benefits he gets with Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager. "I would absolutely tell other business owners to buy Mobile Manager," said Jones. "I am very, very happy with it."

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