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International Beams (a Lebcorp company) supplies high quality engineered wood floor and roof framing systems using I-joists they produce, as well as private-labeled laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and rim board. They sell direct to builders and through lumber distributors. With corporate offices in Laval, Quebec, a sales office in Florida, a production plant in the Lower Saint Lawrence region of Quebec, and a new plant opening in Ontario, International Beams needs a comprehensive IT system to integrate its operations. They use Epicor LumberTrack.

"It is beneficial to concentrate all our IT platforms together," explains Leon Tran, Business System Analyst with International Beams. "That's also why we chose to have the system hosted with Epicor."

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With LumberTrack, we have information in real time now to be able to make better decisions. And the period-end reports that used to take a team of three or four people basically the whole week to produce now takes one person just one or two days.

Leon Tran, Business System Analyst | International Beams
Company Facts
  • Location: Laval, Quebec
  • Industry: Engineered wood, framing systems
  • Number of Locations: 3-two plants, one U.S. sales office
  • Web site:

  • Integrate international operations and logistics to foster superior relationships with distributors and builders

  • Epicor LumberTrack

  • Real-time visibility of orders, production, inventory, and shipments
  • Less time spent tracking inventory
  • Advance transportation booking capabilitie
  • 95% reduction in time required to prepare and distribute fiscal-end reporting

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Quebec Mills Encouraged to Look into LumberTrack

"I would refer LumberTrack to any lumber mills in Quebec. Many of them are our suppliers, and I would like to see them on LumberTrack," Tran comments. "I'm happy with everyone from the LumberTrack team," Tran continues. "The support team is very helpful. They listen to our comments and feedback, so they keep improving the product."

Tran is also pleased with the increasing number of French-speaking Epicor employees who are available to support him and his colleagues. He points out that LumberTrack supports screen displays in multiple languages, a feature he says may be useful to French-speaking users new to LumberTrack.

Flexible for all Wood Products Operations

"LumberTrack is developed mainly for the lumber industry, but because of the flexibility of the system, we are able to integrate all our operations within LumberTrack," says Tran. In fact, LumberTrack and its related products track and cost inventory from the log yard to the shipping dock, supporting domestic and export sales of all primary and secondary wood products, as well as their wholesale operations.

"LumberTrack's Vendor Inventory Management capability even lets us track our vendors' product in our reload locations," says Tran, explaining that they will hold a vendor's private-label inventory, but not pay for it until it has sold-essentially a consignment arrangement. "LumberTrack save us a lot of time and headache tracking what is in the reloads."

Data Visibility Improves Customer Service

Tran also appreciates the visibility that LumberTrack gives their shipping department to be able to pre-book transportation. "We can plan two or three weeks ahead of the order due date. Even before an order is complete, LumberTrack provides us all the information we need to find a truck and make sure that we can ship to our customer on time," says Tran. "LumberTrack's truck booking module helps us a lot, especially during the seasons when flat-bed trucks are in high demand."

Real-Time Data, 95% Faster Reporting

Tran also comments that critical business information is more readily available to managers to help them make better decisions on a day-to-day basis: "Daily, we need to know sales volumes, production volume, the shipment-how many truck loads were sent out, and what inventory we have," says Tran. "With LumberTrack, we have that information in real time now to be able to make better decisions."

"I can create a period-end report so quickly now using the reporting tools that come with LumberTrack," says Tran. "Every day, every week, LumberTrack automatically refreshes reports I have created and sends them automatically to the executive and management team."

Tran describes the considerable time saved to prepare fiscal-end reports: "What used to take a team of three or four people basically the whole week to produce now takes one person just one or two days," says Tran.

As a result, LumberTrack provides International Beams' managers with better quality information on a timely basis, with a 95% time savings to prepare and distribute the critical business information.

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