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Hornung’s Do it Best Hardware and Rental

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Hornung's Do it Best Hardware and Rental Improves Customer Service with Epicor Eagle Service and Repair Solution

When Hornung's competitor closed, Hornung's service and repair business doubled. They eagerly serviced their competition's clientele and welcomed new customers who were opting to repair equipment instead of buying new. Hornung's switched from a slow, rental-only application to the new Epicor Service and Repair module to better manage its higher volume of business.

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"We could not have handled the increased volume with the old software…I highly  recommend Epicor Service and Repair software. It's a great benefit to our  repair business."

Bill Hornung, Co-Owner | Hornung's Do It Best Hardware and Rental
Company Facts
  • Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Industry: Hardware

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Booming Repait Department Sales

Hornung's performs all types of repairs. "We do about $350,000 from our repairs department alone," says Bill Hornung, co-owner of Hornung's Do it Best Hardware and Rental. "It's fast-paced. Between five to ten people are standing in line throughout the day to be helped with service or parts."

Epicor Service and Repair software is fully integrated with Epicor Eagle, the system that handles Hornung's inventory, operations and point of sale. "What I like about the Service and Repair software is that it's all in one system," states Bill. "When a repair ticket is created in point of sale, the system automatically assigns the customer an account number. Upon completing an order, our mechanics record what they fixed and what parts they used. The system then adjusts our inventory. It's all in one place, we can track orders from drop-off to completion, and it's very easy to learn and use."

With order information a click away, answering customer questions has become simple. "We didn't have a way to update the status of a repair order before," describes Bill. "Now if a customer calls about a part, it's easy to access the service order and instantly tell them the status."

Fast and Dependable Customer Service

Having order status readily available also reduces the time it takes to handle customer inquiries. "It used to take five minutes of searching to find the customer's work order. Now it takes 15 seconds. "We can also see who checked in the item for repair and worked on it. Having that information makes it easy to track orders and improves our accuracy," notes Bill. "We're also more efficient in doing the repairs. The same employees can complete more repairs. We've saved at least $5,000 in increased efficiency since our busy season began."

"We could not have handled the increased volume with the old software. Perhaps the greatest advantage for us will be The Epicor continued improvement of the product. Not that there is need for improvement, but we know Epicor has a history of making good products even better," Bill concludes. "I highly recommend Epicor Service and Repair software. It's a great benefit to our repair business."

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