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Hoke Lumber

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Executive Summary

Hoke Lumber Company is a leading, single-location building materials supplier located in Davidson, North Carolina. The third-generation family-owned business relied on Epicor Dimensions for many years. However the company needed a system that would keep up with its modern-day technology demands. After searching for a new solution, the company chose to migrate to the Eagle system. Hoke Lumber began to see ROI immediately: lines at point of sale decreased with faster transactions, statement runs reduced from 4 hours to 30 minutes, and back office employees accomplished tasks in seconds rather than minutes or hours.

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"Eagle is so much faster, we're more accurate, and we use less  paper. The system makes us more up- to-date and modern. Our customers are happier with Eagle, and that's what matters most."

Tammy Hoke, Secretary Treasurer | Hoke Lumber


Company Facts
  • Location: Davidson, North  Carolina
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Number of Employees: 30

  • Epicor Eagle

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Over 65 Years of Service to Davidson, N.C., Customer Base

Hoke Lumber, founded in 1943, has provided its contractor customer base with a wide variety of custom building products, expert advice, and excellent service. The combination of a knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art products has been crucial for Hoke. From pier and dock treated lumber to interior/exterior windows and doors, Hoke offers the right product mix to gain-and keep-loyal customers. After having relied on Dimensions for many years, Hoke migrated to the Eagle system.

Hoke Lumber's owners were particularly impressed with the Secure Data Backup module-a module not available with Dimensions. Secure Data Backup offers two levels of protection: a daily digital backup (no tapes required) and an off-site backup which stores Hoke Lumber's data in the Epicor PCI-compliant data center. "Secure Data Backup is a huge plus," says Tammy Hoke, Secretary Treasurer of Hoke Lumber. "With Dimensions, we used to wait almost an hour for the backup tape to run each night. Now we don't have to wait at all. The backup is done in a minute. And we can leave it overnight without worrying. It gives me peace of mind knowing that Hoke Lumber's data is safe."

Faster Point of Sale Transactions and Higher Customer Satisfaction

Since switching to Eagle, point of sale has improved dramatically. "With Dimensions, we only had one terminal to process credit cards," says Tammy. "Our customers would have to wait. Now, with Eagle, our customers can pay with a credit card at any terminal."

Besides a faster checkout experience, Hoke Lumber employees can be more discreet with manager overrides, earning points from customers. Before a manager would have to search through paper files for the account, then enter the override code themselves at the point of sale terminal while customers waited. All that has changed with Eagle. Tammy explains, "Our sales clerks call the back office. We look up the account in the Eagle system right away and enter a code remotely. It has removed the embarrassment for our customers, and it's a faster process for us."

Back Office Tasks are Accomplished Quickly with Paperless Functionality

Hoke Lumber has saved time in running statements with Eagle as well. "Our customers can sign up to have their statements e-mailed or faxed to them," states Tammy. "Approximately 50 customers out of 400 have signed up to have their statements e-mailed to them. Already, we have reduced statement run times from 4 hours a month to 30 minutes. The e-mail statement option has helped us save on costs for postage, paper, and labor."

The Eagle system has improved customer service, too. "Our customers call us often requesting signed invoices. Searching through the file cabinet for the correct invoice and sending it to the customer used to take 30 minutes-and that time was only if there were no interruptions," describes Tammy. "Now it takes seconds. With a few clicks of the mouse, we can e-mail or fax the invoice to them. Our customers love the faster response time."

Eagle Clears Up Special Order Confusion

A large majority of Hoke Lumber's business comes from special orders. The combination of Signature Capture with Special Orders has won the hearts of customers and employees alike. "When we give a quote on a special order package, the customer signs off on it," explains Tammy. "Since Eagle stores the signed quote electronically, looking up the quote is easy. If a customer says they didn't order an item, we can solve that issue immediately. Eagle simplified the special order process, too, which has enabled our reps to write more detailed descriptions. The result is that our customers have a more accurate description of the items on order."

Eagle Improves Physical Inventory Count

Switching to Eagle also gave Hoke Lumber an opportunity to fix their inventory. "It's much easier using Eagle to clean up our inventory. We started doing cycle counts which we couldn't do in Dimensions, and physical inventory this year went much smoother. With Eagle we don't have to jump back and forth through several programs. It's on one screen. We were able to finish physical inventory counts in one day-even with corrections," states Tammy. "Before, we would have been unable to count and correct in the same day."

Eagle Keeps Hoke Lumber Customers Happy

Hoke Lumber has yet to tap into all the features available with the Eagle system. "The Eagle system has a lot of features we haven't found yet. But already it has made us a lot more efficient. Eagle is so much faster, we're more accurate, and we use less paper," concludes Tammy. "It makes us more up-to-date and modern. Our customers are happier with Eagle, and that's what matters most."

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