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For 30 years, the family owned and operated Hoffman's Supply & Garden Center has served Long Valley, New Jersey and its surrounding communities. The hardware store, garden and landscape center, mason and building supply yard, and rental  center draws both homeowners and contractors. An Epicor customer since 2000, Hoffman's Supply briefly tried RockSolid POS software to run business operations.  Unable to fulfill the company's needs, they quickly switched back to the Epicor Eagle business management solution.

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"I spent approximately three times what I expected to save in one year in trying to make RockSolid work...Our money is well spent on Epicor Eagle software."

Michael Harrington, Owner | Hoffman's Supply & Garden Center
Company Facts
  • Location: Long Valley, New Jersey
  • Industry: Hardware and Home Center
  • Number of employees: 15
  • Number of stores: 1
  • Website: www.hoffmanssupply.com
  • Co-op: True Value

  • Reduce business expenses
  • Maintain accurate pricing and inventory levels
  • Provide customer with best possible service

  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Eagle Business Advisor
  • Epicor Payment Exchange
  • Epicor Training on Demand

  • Improved pricing and inventory accuracy
  • Reduced time spent processing and reconciling card payments
  • Boosted customer service with faster checkout

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Switched to RockSolid in attempt to save money

Every business owner is keenly aware of their overhead costs and continuously searches for ways to reduce expenses. A few years ago, RockSolid approached Mike Harrington, owner of Hoffman's Supply & Garden Center, at a trade show, promising to save the business a considerable amount of money. After reviewing and briefly testing the product, it appeared to fit their needs and Harrington decided to switch from Epicor Eagle to the RockSolid POS solution in order to save money. "The only reason we switched was to save money, but once we actually got into the nuts and bolts of the RockSolid system, we discovered it wasn't user friendly," said Harrington.

45 days and back to Eagle

Accustomed to the Epicor Eagle advanced point of sale (POS) tools with features like easy product SKU look up and simple navigation touchscreens, the cashiers were the first to experience the limitations of RockSolid at check out. "The RockSolid screen views for product look up were counter-intuitive," said Harrington. "It might Hoffman's Supply & Garden Center Gains after switching back to Epicor Eagle be good for stores where every item is scanned at the register, but we offer a lot of bulk landscape items, which are sold in varying quantities so that we enter a SKU and then the quantity. There may have been a way to modify the layout, but we weren't made aware of it. At that time a new RockSolid import tool had a significant bug. When we tried to upload the inventory for one department, we didn't put in any quantities so it appeared to the system as zero and all of our inventory data was deleted. At that point we were headed into our busy season and decided to switch back to Eagle software. In hindsight, Eagle and RockSolid are like comparing a Mercedes  to a Honda. Both are cars but the ride and owner experience of a Mercedes is pure luxury. Eagle is a premier product and offers a better way to manipulate inventory, set up multiple pricing options and effortlessly operate business."

Much easier to work with sales and inventory information

Epicor Eagle software provides easy access to data and reports that allow businesses to filter, sort and view data anyway required. Hoffman's Supply relies on daily business snapshots to help them make and execute real-time inventory and pricing decisions. 

"Switching back to Eagle software, we better appreciate the information we can access," said Harrington. "Using Eagle Business Advisor to see what we're selling is the first thing we do every day and there wasn't anything like it in RockSolid. Additionally, Eagle import tools work so well for price changes that we can simply import manufacturers' Excel price lists, make our changes to the data, and import the spreadsheet into the Eagle system. We can do the same thing to add new inventory. Eagle allows so many different ways of pricing and making price changes that we can easily keep our prices."

Fully integrated solution saves time and money

Hoffman's Supply added Epicor Payment Exchange service to handle all the key steps in accepting card payments which also streamlined the company's back office reconciliation process. "We switched to Epicor Payment Exchange and it has made a world of difference," said Harrington. "With a fully integrated system, we have eliminated reconciliation tasks. In the past, we manually entered approximately 17,000 card purchases into a separate card processor that wasn't  connected to the POS. At times, it could take our bookkeeper four hours to reconcile errors. That happened maybe half a dozen times a year, which means we're saving about two hours every month on this one task."

Education and Professional Services make a difference

"We now fully appreciate the services and education the Epicor team provides," said Harrington. "In fact, it's our goal now to get everyone trained so that we better use the system to manage inventory efficiently, execute promotions better and take advantage of everything that Eagle software has to offer. We started using Epicor Training on Demand, an employee education solution, so that our cashiers have a much better understanding of how to use the system. There are fewer cashier errors now and the cashiers can remedy problems on their own, which improves our customer check out times. We're also glad to have access to Epicor Professional Services again. Our Epicor consultant is always on top of things, whereas with RockSolid we couldn't get a human being on the phone without waiting several hours."

"I spent approximately three times what I expected to save in one year in trying to make RockSolid work. Epicor is the Mercedes of business systems - easy to use, fully integrated and well supported. Our money is well spent on Epicor Eagle software," said Harrington.

Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of manufacturers and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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