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Hayward Tyler

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Hayward Tyler has been designing and manufacturing pumps and electric motors since 1815. Its products are used throughout the world in some of the most demanding applications including oil and gas, power generation (coal and nuclear), chemical engineering and renewable energy. Most of its products are custom built and play a critical role in their operating environments so all assembly, testing, shipping, and servicing takes place as part of the in-house operation. 

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"We've achieved some great results and believe there is more Epicor can do for our business. An ERP project never really ends, you have to keep looking for efficiency improvements."

Keith Herring, head of IT | Hayward Tyler


Company Facts

  • Ageing solution lacked  modern features
  • Limited scheduling features
  • Lack of visibility of production bottlenecks

  • Epicor ERP

Why Epicor?
  • Impressed by new SOA-based platform
  • Clear upgrade path from Epicor Vantage
  • Ability to maintain Epicor in-house

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The company operates from two sites in the UK and has a turnover in excess of £30M. Hayward Tyler also has manufacturing and service operations in China, which is a very strong growth market, and the US, where it is particularly strong in the nuclear energy field. The company had been running Epicor Vantage manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) since 2000 to handle sales, finance, manufacturing, and shipping. 

As a company with nearly 200 years of experience under its belt, Hayward Tyler is no stranger to the need to evolve to meet the needs of changing markets and industrial technologies. It was one such restructure that drove the company to take the opportunity to review the business systems software market, and see whether it was time to upgrade the Vantage system it had been using since 2000 in the UK. 

"Vantage had served us well, but we had always used it out-of-the box and not regularly looked at how advances in software technology and manufacturing practices might benefit Hayward Tyler," said Keith Herring, head of IT. "We suspected that changes to the features of ERP software, as well the wider acceptance of technologies such as service oriented architecture could help us move the business forward." 

One of the biggest areas that Hayward Tyler sought to improve through an upgrade to its ERP solution was it internal "on time delivery" metric. As a growing and highly successful company it is critical to maintain good performance in this area, which relied on planning, scheduling, and materials control to work in harmony. At the time of the systems review this metric could be as low as 20%.

Getting from Vantage to Epicor ERP

Before starting its market review process, Hayward Tyler formed a project team with every department touched by Vantage represented. The team reviewed software vendors against its goals of a more efficient manufacturing process and more modern architecture, before eventually selecting the latest version of Epicor ERP. 

"We could see no additional benefit to the software provided by other vendors, and we could see a direct upgrade path from Vantage to Epicor ERP," adds Herring. "We liked the technical direction that Epicor is taking with its use of SOA and the .NET Platform, also the company's products had been very reliable for us in the past." 

"This was a business project, not an IT project. It was important to get everybody onboard, so that all departments were invested in making it work," cites Herring. "The IT department is there to deliver what the business needs, not tell the business what it needs." 

Once the software was selected and initial training had taken place on the Epicor system, the project team moved on to the task of mapping all its existing business processes and reviewing how they would work in the new software. During this time Hayward Tyler also unified the financial structure of its Luton plant, which though one site, was split into four limited companies.

Data was extracted, cleansed and de-duplicated by Hayward Tyler's implementation partner, Dot Net IT, producing a final database of 5GB, a reduction of two thirds. 

Many suppliers existed in two or more of the previous limited company databases, so these were consolidated and given a new standard format for use throughout the new system. 

Customers with whom business had not been conducted for a number of years were also removed from the database.

All data was cleansed including customers, suppliers, orders, over 135,000 parts and 308,000 materials entries. Epicor was set up as a clean installation on new hardware, and the previously mapped business processes such as spend limits and approval processes were setup in the new environment. Field mapping tables were created by the project team for the movement of data between Vantage and Epicor ERP. 

The new lean 5Gb database was transferred onto Epicor using the Epicor Data Migration Tool (DMT), before final testing over the go live weekend.

More Efficient and More to Come

The project took 18 months to plan and implement, including managing additional business restructuring. All 100 users went live on Monday morning following the go live weekend.

"It's always a risk to switch everyone on to a new system overnight, but the go live was a success for us. We had a few niggling problems, with mandatory fields needing to become non- mandatory, but nothing that stopped the business from operating," says Herring. 

"Epicor ERP is very intuitive to use, but spending time training users that are used to a different system is a key part of being successful. We'd have probably got users using the new system sooner if we did it all again."

The whole project took 18 months, with a year spent on planning, development and testing. User training on the pilot system took place in month 15, and the official go live just 3 months later. 

Since going live on Epicor ERP, Hayward Tyler has seen a number of benefits ranging from improved reporting and decision making to a streamlined manufacturing process. 

Previously with Vantage, Hayward Tyler had no access to the Advanced Planning and Scheduling or material control features of Epicor ERP. The use of these features has seen Hayward Tyler improve its on time delivery metric, from 20% to an average of 70% in the first year on Epicor ERP, and now it consistently hits 90%. 

Herring states, "That's nearly a five-fold increase, but some other benefits are more difficult to quantify. We now have much tighter control over our processes and the ability to review data in real time through standard reports and dashboards, allowing us to react much more quickly to situations and with the right response." 

"We've achieved some great results and believe there is more Epicor can do for our business. An ERP project never really ends, you have to keep looking for efficiency improvements," concludes Herring. "Our chairman is happy with the operational performance of Epicor and now wants to see it drive supply chain management together with sales and marketing."

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