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Glenn's Sporting Goods was founded in 1970 with a staff of three. The goal was to provide the best in athletic footwear and team goods in the Tri-State area (West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky). Today, Glenn's has more than tripled in size, has a staff of more than 40 employees, and now with the company's recent transition to a new business management software solution is equipped to provide a high level of customer service that is unequalled in the sporting goods industry.

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Using Epicor as our business management solution has been a great timesaver, specifically in wholesale and managerial operations. The fact that Epicor is able to tailor the software to our specific business needs, with the ability to adapt and evolve as our business grows has beneficially impacted Glenn's operations.

Susie Agee, Manager | Glenn's Sporting Goods


Company Facts

  • Eliminate credit card errors caused by a non-integrated system
  • Reduce the manual receipt reviewing process

  • Epicor Eagle

  • Improved inventory management of non-stock item
  • 100% of credit card errors eliminated with integrated system

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Genuine interest in business solution fit

Glenn's Sporting Goods operated on the SportsPak system for approximately 20 years before making the switch to the Epicor Eagle business management system. "Soon after we were notified of SportsPak ceasing its support, we began our search for a new system," said Susie Agee, manager of Glenn's Sporting Goods. "We had researched numerous vendors and right before we made our final decision, we received an Epicor mailer with a quote from Johnny Mac's. Because of our membership in Sports Inc., we were aware of their knowledgeable team sports industry reputation and immediately thought we should check out Epicor-business references are very influential."

One of Glenn's primary deciding factors in choosing the Eagle system, other than its efficiency, was the genuine interest of the Epicor team in how the business operates. "The Epicor staff we worked with was determined to make sure the solution was the right fit for us," said Agee. "We began doing more and more business over the internet such as working with vendors and ordering. We also grew from one terminal that accessed the Internet to 18 work stations. The Epicor team was very aware of our requirements for the new system, and they delivered 100%."

Customer experience comparable to big name chains

Customer service has always been a top priority for Glenn's Sporting Goods and was a key factor in their selection of Epicor Eagle. "Our customers' experience at the cash register has greatly improved with the Epicor system," said Agee. "Today we have the most up-to-date technology when it comes to checkout. Customers don't have to watch us enter a string of numbers into the register as they checkout-we now simply scan each item and the items are automatically entered into the system. They see us as modern as any sporting goods store they would find in the mall, which gives us a competitive advantage we didn't have before. Another great improvement for us and our customers is that they can have their invoices or receipts e-mailed to them, and they are assured that we have their records accurately filed and available upon request."

Operations improve with less error

Operating with the Eagle system, Glenn's now has the ability to better utilize their management staff's time. "Using Epicor as our business management solution has been a great timesaver, specifically in wholesale and managerial operations," said Agee. "The fact that Epicor is able to tailor the software to our specific business needs, with the ability to adapt and evolve as our business grows has beneficially impacted Glenn's operations."

"With our previous system we were entering a nine digit UPC code, plus the color/size digits for each item that was brought to checkout, as that system was not integrated with the credit card system," said Agee. "We would take the total of each purchase from the cash register, and then run over to the credit card machine to manually type in the sale amount. This process was a big hassle for our employees and wasted our customers' time."

"Now with integrated credit card processing there are no mistakes, the Epicor system has eliminated 100% of credit card errors that we were experiencing with our previous system. It is also much more efficient."

"Another advantage is that all receipts and invoices are stored electronically," said Agee. "With our prior system we had to go through hundreds of receipts every morning, now everything is filed automatically-we are no longer required to keep any paper copies. That's a huge improvement for our business operation and saves us at least 30 minutes every morning! We have customers call to request an invoice copy, and we can easily e-mail it directly from the Epicor system."

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