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At Fulfords RONA Building Centre, based in Owen Sound, Ontario, you can still find hints of the original store built in the 1930s. There are sections of the original wood floors and the stained glass above the entrance is an antique. There's one remnant that will never change: knowledgeable and friendly service. Fulfords RONA is part of a locally owned and operated group of businesses serving both contractors and consumers alike. Fulfords RONA is known for its quality products and service and competitive pricing. The company's guiding principles of integrity, honesty, and respect have successfully led the company through more than 80 years of quality business. 

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"Epicor Eagle has allowed us to trim excess stock significantly and increase our turns respectively. I know of no other tool as advanced with respect to inventory management as the Eagle system."

Jim Fulford, Jr., Owner | Fulfords RONA Building Centre
Company Facts
  • Location: Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Number of Stores: 2
  • Web site: www.fulfords.com

  • Maintain tight inventory control across multiple stores
  • Quickly implement and adjust RONA's suggested pricing changes
  • Access meaningful information 

  • Epicor Eagle with RONA integration

  • Trimmed excess stock
  • Significantly increased turns
  • Reduced the time it takes to make pricing adjustments

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As important as the company's history is to Jim Fulford, Jr., owner of Fulfords RONA, there are some things that require more modern solutions, like his choice of business management systems. He was looking for a flexible and robust computer system that would grow as his business grew. After much contemplation, he chose the Epicor Eagle system, and the results have been phenomenal.

Better inventory balance and accuracy 

The Eagle inventory management capabilities have helped Fulford, Jr. maintain a better, more profitable inventory mix. One favorite feature is the multi-store functionality which allows him to transfer stock between stores, helping save money and keep quantity-on-hand balanced. "With the robust inventory control and planning features, combined with the ability to easily transfer stock between stores, the Epicor Eagle system has allowed us to trim excess stock significantly and increase our turns respectively," said Fulford, Jr. "I know of no other tool as advanced with respect to inventory management as the Eagle system." 

Fulfords RONA Building Centre Reduces Inventory and Increases Turns with Epicor Eagle 

Getting to the right information and training new employees is easy. Accessing essential information is much easier with the Eagle and RONA integration, and in turn, has made training new employees a breeze. "Using the Eagle system integrated with RONA allows us far deeper access to meaningful information with a lot less work than any other system we have seen," said Fulford, Jr. "Gone are the days of sifting through reports or making Excel spreadsheets to find key, actionable information. Even our non-tech-savvy employees can access the power of a business management system without having to be computer specialists. I have seen very powerful systems that are difficult to use and very simple systems that don't have enough power to drive a growing business. With the Eagle system, we get the best of both-more power under the hood than we could ever imagine-with the simplest user interface so that even new employees are up-to-speed quickly." 

The technology of a big company and the service of a local independent business 

Fulfords RONA is now fully equipped to compete with his larger competitors while still being able to offer that local store feel. "With the Eagle/RONA package, we now have the tools available to compete on a technology level with the big boys on the block," said Fulford, Jr. "From automatic emailing and faxing of invoices and statements to a full suite of applications for the RF scanner, the Eagle system really gives us a comprehensive solution. The fully integrated special order system makes it almost impossible for an order to slip through the cracks while the multi-branch product sourcing and overstock management makes it much simpler to manage multiple locations." 

Ultimate control over suggested retail pricing 

Pricing adjustments can quickly become a full time job-not so with the Eagle system. "With the Eagle/RONA integration, I get to take advantage of my relationship with RONA. They manage the retail prices, but ultimately, I am still in control," said Fulford, Jr. "Price changes come from RONA automatically into my system without me doing anything. The great thing is, the price changes come into a temporary grid, which allows me to sort and filter and highlight the prices and margins any way I like so I can determine if I like the changes RONA wants to make. From there, I can make any changes I want, print my bin labels, and then when ready, apply the price changes to my inventory file. There are no surprises. It's fast and efficient, and I'm still in control of my business." 

Delivering historic customer service with modern technology

Overall, Fulfords RONA is happy with the Eagle system. "Our company believes in better quality products and people, a better shopping experience, better value, and a better way of doing business. In a world full of everyone claiming to be the best-we believe there's better. The Eagle system helps us deliver on our 'better' promise," said Fulford, Jr. 

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