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Feeney's Garden Center implemented Epicor Eagle to help better manage inventory and improve business processes throughout the company. With Eagle, Feeney's delivers outstanding customer service and makes better inventory decisions.

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The amount of information you can get from Epicor Eagle is amazing. It helps our customer service, and customer service is the most important thing we do.

Jim Feeney, Owner | Feeney's Garden Center
Company Facts
  • Location: Feasterville, Pennsylvania
  • Industry: Lawn and garden
  • Number of Employees: 25-70
  • Web site: www.feeneys.com

  • Inefficient and inaccurate inventory tracking
  • Lack of data available for decision-making

  • Epicor Eagle

  • Eagle helps reduce inventory, while keeping accurate stock on hand
  • Loyalty program drives targeted promotions to retain customers
  • Powerful analytics enable greater insight and quicker decision-making

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Feeney's modernizes with Epicor Eagle

Feeney's offers customers a bountiful plant selection, garden supplies, gifts, collectable home decor, and an extensive variety of patio furniture. Its wide selection of products-and its ability to manage that selection-has earned Feeney's Best of Bucks County awards for Best Garden Shop, Best Furniture Shop, and Best Christmas Shop.

With two acres of plant and nursery materials and nearly 10,000 SKUs, accurately tracking merchandise and live plants is critical to Feeney's award-winning success. Knowing which products to stock, how much to buy, and when to buy is a constant challenge. That's why Feeney's relies on its Epicor Eagle system.

Big box competition forces Feeney's to buy smarter

Competition from local big box retailers has made it imperative that Feeney's manage its inventory with precision and stock unique products not available at its competitors. The Epicor Eagle Suggested Order function alerts Feeney's staff when items have reached their minimum order points and need to be replenished. "We have taken finer control of our inventory with Eagle, which helped us reduce inventory while ensuring we have ample stock on popular items," office manager Barbara O'Connell explains. "Plus, we don't have to spend as much time monitoring our quantities, which frees employees to do other customer-facing tasks."

Feeney's also uses the Epicor Eagle system to pinpoint slow-moving items and dead stock. "We see sales, inventory, cost, price, and margin information by vendor, class, product, and even down to the SKU level. It's easy to identify products that we need to put on sale to move them out of inventory," continues Barbara.

Radio frequency (RF) scanners reduces time from truck to shelf

Feeney's achieves tighter inventory control and gets items out for sale faster by using the Epicor Eagle RF scanners. "Our RF guns speed up our receiving process. When merchandise is received, our receiving clerk scans the bar code and the item is automatically added to inventory. It's ready to go on the floor with one simple scan," states Barbara. "We also use the RF guns when packing up seasonal merchandise to be stored off site. We scan the items and then assign an off-site inventory location code, which indicates that the items aren't available for sale. RF has made our inventory count more accurate and efficient."

Personal attention increases customer loyalty

Advertising is expensive. That's why Feeney's leverages the Epicor Eagle Loyalty Card Program to deliver more targeted promotions and retain customers. "One of the many uses of Loyalty Program data is to identify customers that haven't purchased from us in six months. We offer them specials to bring them back to the store," describes Barbara. "We then see promotion effectiveness by tracking whether they come to the store and purchase."

Feeney's also uses reward points to entice new customers to join the loyalty card program and to provide incentives for members to purchase more. "Over half of our customers are enrolled in the program," asserts Barbara. "Customers earn points for every purchase and when they achieve various point thresholds, they receive a Feeney's gift card along with a personal letter thanking them for their business. The personal attention we give our customers creates loyalty and enables us to compete with the big boxes."

Information is a competitive advantage

Feeney's relies on Epicor Eagle Viewers and Business Advisor to deliver information needed for decisions, and to better serve customers. Viewers provide quick lookups to answer customer questions on the floor. Jim Feeney, owner of Feeney's and president of Garden Centers of America comments, "The amount of information you can get from Eagle is amazing. It helps our customer service, and customer service is the most important thing we do." Barbara describes further, "Sales associates use Viewers throughout the day. For example, if a customer is looking for an iris within a certain price range, our sales associates go to an Eagle terminal and find the plants that meet the customer's criteria."

"With Business Advisor, we look at year-to-date sales by department and then compare those sales against previous years. We can quickly spot trends or issues. The data is right there for us," says Barbara. Jim describes how Eagle data helps make cost-saving decisions, "We've looked at the hours we're open and analyzed our customer counts, sales and profitability during those hours. During the peak season, our hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. After spring season, we've decided to close at 6 p.m. based on the data from Epicor Eagle," explains Jim.

Feeney's is armed with information needed to thrive. "Eagle provides us with the information we need to manage our business more effectively. We don't operate on hunches, instead we have up-to-theminute views on how our business is performing" asserts Barbara.

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