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F.D. Sterritt Lumber

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F.D. Sterritt Lumber uses Epicor Eagle to manage its building materials business from day-to-day operations to the important decisions leading to its long term success. Sterritt Lumber depends on Eagle for fine-tuned inventory management, an automated special orders process, and a very efficient back office operation. By using Epicor Eagle, Sterritt Lumber has seen overall business improvements including a 20% inventory reduction, 25% decrease in back office staff, and a 4% increase in gross profit. 

Sterritt Lumber Appreciates its Leading Technology Solution 

Since 1841, Sterritt Lumber has provided a versatile product line to commercial contractors and homeowners alike. Though its diverse mix of clientele has helped the business weather changes in housing demands over 150 years, the challenge of managing diverse customer needs has made it critical for the company to have a comprehensive computer system. Since switching from Versyss to Epicor Eagle, Sterritt Lumber has been impressed by the Eagle system's unique combination of easy user interface and robust functionality, along with the Epicor long term commitment to providing the latest technology to the lumber and building materials industry. 

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"Eagle makes us more efficient every day. We now act in real time and are ahead of the curve."

Jack Mackin, Vice President | F.D. Sterritt Lumber
Company Facts
  • Headquarters: Watertown, Massachusetts
  • Annual Sales: Over $25 million
  • Sales Breakdown: 90% contractor, 10% retail
  • Number of Employees: 80
  • Locations: 2
  • Founded: 1841
  • Affiliation: ENAP F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company

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20% Reduction in Inventory and Streamlined Special Orders 

Sterritt Lumber relies heavily on Eagle to help them run their business more efficiently. "We use the Eagle system for virtually everything in our business," explains Jack Mackin, Vice President. "It's an integral part of our business." For example, Sterritt Lumber uses order point calculations and suggested orders to more accurately purchase inventory. "During the winter of 2008, we decided to implement a 20% inventory reduction. By using the Eagle order point calculations, we succeeded in reducing our inventory without creating out-of-stock positions. To take 20% of our inventory value and put it in the bank put us in the position to make good business decisions and have capital to invest in other things," asserts Jack. "We couldn't have done it without Eagle." 

Sterritt Lumber also improved their special order process with Eagle. Before, special orders created a manual paper trail, and some orders got lost in the paper shuffle. Now Sterritt Lumber can provide up-to-date special order status information to its customers. "We now track special orders electronically, in real time. Anyone in the organization can access the system and see whether an item has been received and where the item is. All the data is right there at your fingertips in the Eagle system. It's more efficient and it helps us provide outstanding customer service," notes Jack.

Across its multiple locations, Eagle has also helped to streamline pricing. "Pricing before Eagle was a very manual process. Today, we price items based on our costs, or on the market dynamics, or both. We have the capabilities to change prices as we need to be competitive and make our margin targets. Our pricing is a lot more dynamic now," explains Jack.

Document Management Reduces Paper and Provides Greater Accessibility to Information 

Sterritt Lumber uses Epicor Document Management to electronically manage its complex paper trail. Staff and management can easily access needed orders, invoices, statements and other documents. Signature Capture at point of sale (POS) has also reduced paper usage. In addition to reducing paper, Sterritt has decreased the labor hours required to archive and file documents. "The time savings from Document Management are huge. We reduced one full-time position to a part-time position," says Jack. "It allows us to get more work done. Employees can pull up the document they need without running to a different building or to a different department. I can view complete information at a touch of a button. It has been invaluable in improving the efficiency of our organization."

Managing Information with Business Advisor 

With the use of management reports and viewers within Business Advisor, Sterritt Lumber's management team has an in-depth view of all aspects of the business and it's set up to send reports directly to relevant staff members. "We used to ask our managers to pull certain reports every day, which would sometimes happen and sometimes not happen. Now, we have the ability to push information out to key personnel within the organization. They get the information they need every time," notes Jack. 

Business Advisor reports help Sterritt Lumber make more informed business decisions. "There are countless examples where we had a report that told us to reorder a product that, if we hadn't reordered it, we would have lost a sale the next day," says Jack. "We have more control over our financial health. We look at Business Advisor on a daily basis and see our sales, inventory values, turns and gross profit. At any given moment, we know our business status."

About Epicor 

Epicor Software Corporation is a global leader delivering business software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industries. With more than 40 years of experience, Epicor has more than 20,000 customers in over 150 countries. Epicor solutions enable companies to drive increased efficiency and improve profitability. With a history of innovation, industry expertise, and passion for excellence, Epicor inspires customers to build lasting competitive advantage. Epicor provides the single point of accountability that local, regional, and global businesses demand. For more information, visit www.epicor.com.

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