Ennis True Value Hardware

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Ennis True Value Hardware is a hardware, home and garden store located in rural Montana. The business is situated about 70 miles north of Yellowstone National Park, serving a small year-round community of 800 residents, which expands to over 1,000 during the summer. Since 1995, Ennis True Value has relied on Epicor solutions to run its business. Operating a single store in a rural area presents challenges, most specifically staying up-to-date with the new solutions. With the assistance of Epicor Professional Services, Ennis True Value upgraded its systems with confidence knowing they'd have the support they needed to learn and fully utilize the updates.

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“One-to-one Epicor training on our own system is efficient and cost effective…We get custom training without having to incur travel expenses.”

Lou Ann Cook | Office Manager, Ennis True Value
Company Facts
  •  Location: Ennis, Montana
  •  Industry: Hardware, Home Center & Garden
  •  Number of employees: 8-15
  •  Number of locations: 1
  •  Website: www.ennistruevalue.com

  • Implementing and learning new solutions
  • Training seasonal employees
  • Optimizing inventory levels

  • Epicor Eagle N Series
  • Epicor Professional Services
  • Epicor Eagle Inventory Planner
  • Epicor Eagle Pricing Planner

  • Quickly up and running with new solutions
  • Increased inventory turns and reduced stock
  • Reduced learning curve for new employees

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Upgrade to Eagle N Series reduces learning curve

The familiar Microsoft Office look and new navigation within the Epicor Eagle N Series software simplifies every business operation. “The Microsoft Windows- based software gives us navigation tabs and toolbars that enable quick access to the information we need,” said Lou Ann Cook, office manager at Ennis True Value. “It's much easier to navigate because we don't have to remember shortcut key commands-we can just tab through screens. Every summer we nearly double our staff, and training new employees will be smoother now since most people are already familiar with the 'Windows' interface.”

Telephone training is effective, saves time and money

“One of the immediate goals for upgrading our Eagle system was to add the Inventory Planner and Pricing Planner applications,” said Cook. “We rely on Epicor Professional Services consulting for training and support. Without this resource we couldn't keep our knowledge or our systems current. With Epicor training, we feel confident investing in the new modules knowing we will learn how to use them right 'out of the gate'.”

“The training process was tailored to our needs. Every other Friday at 9:00 a.m., for six weeks, the owner and I connected with an Epicor consultant via phone and the Bomgar remote desktop application,” said Cook. “Working in our own system, the consultant guided us through system use including setting up rules, filters, and processes. Our consultant created 'what if' business scenarios and then showed us how to capture or view that information. Frankly, we received a bonus lesson in finance while learning how to use Pricing Planner and Inventory Planner.”

“One-to-one Epicor training on our own system is efficient and cost effective,” said Cook. “It's faster and easier to learn by watching someone else do it with our own data. And, we can stay in our store and run the business at the same time. We get custom training without having to incur travel expenses.”

Inventory planner and pricing planner quickly deliver results

“We're already seeing business results from quickly putting Pricing Planner and Inventory Planner to work,” said Cook. “The Pricing Planner tools helped us 'clean house', department by department, bringing SKU pricing up-to-date and evaluating margins by department. Inventory Planner empowered us to do something we never could do before. Inventory Planner forecasting tools automatically created order points based on seasonality and unit sales levels. We now turn stock quicker and our out-of-stock levels are significantly reduced. These modules are easy-to-use, yet it would probably take the average user six months to be able to do what we can do in six weeks because of Epicor training.”

QuickBooks general ledger is now a breeze

“We also learned how to integrate Eagle N Series with QuickBooks,” said Cook. “We've been using both Eagle N Series and QuickBooks to manage our general ledger. Since our outside accountants and bankers use QuickBooks, it's a timesaver if we provide them QuickBook financial statements. Now that I understand Eagle N Series integration with QuickBooks, I can easily share financial data using a simple automated export and import function.”

Growing with Epicor

“Our Epicor consultant was easy to work with, knowledgeable and thorough-she wouldn't move forward until she was confident that we understood,” said Cook. “We'd recommend Epicor Professional Services in a heartbeat. We've looked at other products over the years, like RockSolid POS, but apples-to-apples, we concluded Epicor is a more comprehensive solution. The Eagle N Series system gives us a complete picture of how our business is running whether we want to look at an item, a department, or the entire business. You have more ways to customize the Eagle N Series system than any other system we've seen. Every year we're adding new modules and you could say that Epicor grew with us and we grew with Epicor.”

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