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Company Facts


  • Location: Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Industry: Distribution
  • Number of Stores: 9
  • Web site: www.td-eliz.ru

Epicor Helps Russian Distributor Electroizdelia Move from Bookkeeping to Management Accounting

"The main result is the optimization of enterprise business processes. It was possible to move from bookkeeping to qualitative administration and management accounting."

Galina Tishenko, Head of IT Services | Electroizdelia

JSC TD Electroizdelia is a large trade enterprise with a branched out filial structure that includes nine representations in various cities across the region. Electroizdelia offers an extensive range of products for wholesale and retail businesses. Managing a considerable number of buyers, suppliers, and a wide range of product assortments demands careful management, administration, and control.

Electroizdelia realized that a number of the business problems they faced could be solved by automating their basic business processes. Some of the key challenges  they planned to solve through automation were the necessity of dividing  administrative accounting and bookkeeping, enterprise activity planning, and  management accounting.


Electroizdelia took a careful approach to selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. They visited specialized exhibitions and considered all the various systems that regional enterprises use. The company management team became  acquainted with the Epicor iScala ERP system in 2002 at an exhibition  in Ekaterinburg.

The choice fell on Epicor because the solution had been implemented and  successfully used by a number of Chelyabinsk enterprises. Another important reason for the choice was the local presence of an experienced Epicor partner, Ural  automation Centre (UrZA).


It took a total of eight months for the teams from UrZA and Electroizdelia to complete the installation. Working through the various implementation phases, from a thorough business process analysis and project planning, through data preparation and conversion, to testing, the system went live successfully with the financial and logistic modules. 

At a later stage the company has added further functionality, including the Active Planner, integration with their Set Retail and Warehouse Management Systems through Service Connect. As a result, all processes for purchasing, sales, accounting and warehousing are now fully automated.

Due to Epicor's flexible platform UrZA have also been able to develop a number of additional functionality blocks.


According to Galina Tishenko, head of IT services for Electroizdelia, implementing the ERP system resulted in the optimization of enterprise business processes. It was possible for the company to move from bookkeeping to qualitative administration and management accounting. 

Epicor iScala helps Electroizdelia to display, monitor, and coordinate business data as a base for preparing accounts and reports that enables the company to make timely business decisions.

Future System Development 

The company plans to use Epicor Service Connect further in the future to help resolve integration challenges with other applications and to enhance the use of their ERP solution. 

About Epicor 

Epicor Software Corporation is a global leader delivering business  software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and  service industries. With more than 40 years of experience, Epicor  has more than 20,000 customers in over 150 countries. Epicor solutions enable companies to drive increased efficiency and  improve profitability. With a history of innovation, industry expertise and passion for excellence, Epicor inspires customers to build lasting competitive advantage. Epicor provides the single point of accountability that local, regional, and global businesses demand. For more information, visit www.epicor.com. 

Success Highlights:


  • Dividing administrative accounting and bookkeeping, enterprise activity planning, and management accounting


  • Epicor iScala and Epicor iScala Active Planner


  • Ordering and optimization of business processes
  • Dividing bookkeeping and administrative accounting
  • Integration with other solutions