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Diaverum Uruguay

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Diaverum Uruguay optimizes and consolidates its financial operations with Epicor

With 20 years of experience, Diaverum is a global health company dedicated to dialysis services. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for renal patients. The company has presence in South America, Europe and Australia and is one of the first suppliers of this service in the world and the biggest independent provider of it in Europe. The network of Diaverum clinics includes 181 clinics in 14 countries. The company gives assistance to more than 16,000 patients globally.

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"In Epicor we found a user-friendly and reliable system that the entire company has embraced… Epicor streamlines the data processing and quality compliance requirements of our headquarters."

Leandro Palladino, IT Manager | Diaverum Argentina
Company Facts

  • To implement in a short period of time an ERP system that meets company accounting and management requirements
  • Optimize local data processing and efficiently report it back to headquarters in Germany

  • Epicor iScala

  • A user-friendly and reliable ERP system that helps to better manage the entire company
  • Compliance with the quality requirements of headquarters
  • Saves one day of work in accounts payable tasks

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The main objective of Diaverum is to offer its patients renal therapy and personalized attention. The patients benefit from the high healthcare standards that include different objectives about the provision of dialysis, nutrition, anemia treatments, bone mineral metabolism, blood pressure, and the control of lipids and glucose in patients with diabetes and vascular control.

The international growth of the company has been achieved through the active participation of their personnel in the consolidation of the existing markets and the development of new ones. To support the expansion of the company, Diaverum implemented Epicor iScala enterprise resource planning (ERP) in Europe with good results.

Following the success of Epicor iScala in Europe, Diaverum decided to implement the solution in the Uruguay office in November 2010.

Epicor and Diaverum: The beginning

With a week of intensive training in the Diaverum Uruguay offices, the staff prepared for the Epicor iScala launch.

"Epicor provided training for members from Diaverum Uruguay and the Diaverum Argentina team, as the implementation was already scheduled in that country," said Verónica Risso, administrative and financial supervisor for Diaverum Uruguay, who coordinated the project locally. "When we finished, we worked with an Epicor consultant to develop an action plan to visualize the implementation."

Proper planning was an essential basis to make the implementation flow as expected by Diaverum and Epicor. Two months after beginning the implementation, the company started to work with Epicor iScala and in the same month the results were reported successfully to its headquarters in Germany.

Implementation challenges and results

Achieving a fast implementation doesn't mean that the project was without challenges. However, the Diaverum Uruguay team and the Epicor staff made a successful match. The proven experience of Epicor and the consultant assigned to the Diaverum Uruguay project were factors that generated trust within the company.

"Epicor is a well-known company, especially in Argentina, where the project was managed. Also, Epicor is the only company with experience in iScala implementations in other countries in the region and in Uruguay; our Epicor consultant also works regularly with a hotel chain in Uruguay and that increased our confidence," said Risso.

The preparation for go live was very detailed given the uniqueness of the company and its operation.

"We had to adapt the system to the accounting and management requirements of Diaverum group, which required reporting in certain formats, with certain characteristics and in short periods of time," explained Risso. "The monthly report to headquarters needs to be done by the fourth work day after the month-end and this had to remain that way. Also, Epicor had to work with the tax package due to the complexity in taxes in Uruguay."

Once the modules requested by Diaverum were implemented and ready to use, especially the ones needed to "close the books" like sales, purchasing and assets; and once personnel started to use Epicor iScala, the benefits started to arise.

"In Epicor iScala we found a user-friendly and reliable system that the entire company has embraced. We save time processing certain tasks such as making payments to suppliers and bank management," said Leandro Palladino, IT manager for Diaverum Argentina, who coordinated the regional project. "Epicor iScala simplifies the data processing and quality compliance requirements of our headquarters."

On the accounting side, times are crucial and its optimization has been one of the most important advantages that Epicor iScala has provided to Diaverum Uruguay. Today, the processes flow is faster and the financial operation of the company is more robust.

"Before Epicor iScala, we used to estimate the company's payment budget manually, with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and the checks were handwritten. Now, the system allows us to set a payment budget that can be modified and once it is authorized, the checks are processed automatically; after which the supplier is taken off the list. In terms of work hours, we calculate that this has saved us a full work day," said Palladino. "The bank process has also been simplified; we used to have a bank module system that duplicated the input of data, with Epicor iScala this doesn't happen anymore."

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