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DGI Supply

Company Facts
• Location: Wheeling, Illinois
• Industry: Industrial vending and inventory control solutions
• Number of Employees: 200
• Web site: www.doall.com

“After automating the process with Epicor® AutoOrder™, we were able to free up one full-time person who was only re-entering gross orders, and assign him to other value-added tasks.”
Bill Henricks, Chief Operating Officer | DGI Supply

The DoALL Company Inc., based in Wheeling, Illinois, was founded in 1927 as a manufacturer of band saw machines and saw blades. In 2004, DoALL rebranded its industrial distribution arm as DGI Supply. Recently named as one of the Top 40 Industrial Distributors by Modern Distribution Management, DGI Supply is a full-line industrial distributor that represents more than 1,500 brand names and one million SKUs from every category in the industry.

As the largest provider of industrial vending solutions and inventory control solutions in the world, DGI Supply is a national/international company with revenues exceeding $200 million and inventory in excess of $30 million. The company is nationally recognized for its Integrated Services offerings and documented productivity cost savings process.

According to Bill Henricks, Chief Operating Officer at DGI Supply, “From a macro perspective, we are always trying to find ways to lean out our company and expenses, while becoming more productive. It is actually part of our value proposition for our customers.” DGI Supply runs its distribution enterprise, spanning 40+ locations nationwide, on the Epicor Prelude® system. Recently, the company began using Epicor AutoOrder, a new add-on module to Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, for its inbound order processing.

Prior to implementing the Epicor AutoOrder solution, one-third of DGI Supply's inbound sales orders were being received via fax or e-mail, creating a dual entry problem. “We needed a low-cost solution, and we heard about Epicor AutoOrder through the Industrial Supply Association (ISA) as a solution they recommended,” says Henricks.

Epicor AutoOrder captures and automatically transforms any computer-generated purchase order into an electronic sales order, solving the problem of dual entry (i.e., an order manually entered in one system that is subsequently re-keyed in another system). The Epicor AutoOrder solution is complementary to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and self-serve Web order entry (WOE), helping distributors to better serve their customers.

Epicor AutoOrder allows distributors to seamlessly convert orders that are currently e-mailed or faxed by customers into electronic orders that are processed automatically by Epicor's Prelude, Eclipse™, or Prophet 21® systems. It does not require process changes, specialized IT infrastructure, expertise or support on the part of the distributor or the customer. And because AutoOrder does not rely on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for capturing order data, users are able to have the same confidence in their order accuracy as with EDI or WOE ordering systems.

DGI Supply's objectives for moving to Epicor AutoOrder were tied to the company's core mission. “With our primary goal of saving customers money, we look to do things with less expense,” says Henricks. “AutoOrder offered the potential for reduced expense associated with processing orders for targeted customers.”

One pre-qualification that DGI Supply set in targeting a customer for the Epicor AutoOrder solution is that a certain percentage (currently set at 90 percent) of the customer's inbound lines need to come from DGI Supply's core stock product (not source product). According to Henricks, “The service requirements for AutoOrder are all front-loaded. Once you get the mapping done, it basically manages itself. It really comes down to selling the customer on the solution; if you get that done, then it works.

“Our experience with AutoOrder so far has been good. We have 20 customers mapped to the solution…and growing,” Henricks notes. Plans are under way to target an additional 30 customers. “For one of our larger customers, after automating the process with Epicor AutoOrder, we were able to free up one full-time person who was only re-entering gross orders, and assign him to other value-added tasks. That's the impact of this solution,” adds Henricks.

About Epicor

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Success Highlights:


  • Lean out the inbound ordering process for customers that do not have the resources to implement EDI, with a low-cost solution that will not require any process changes, specialized IT infrastructure, expertise or support.


  • Reduced expense associated with processing orders for targeted customers
  • Freed up employees for more value-added tasks
  • Order accuracy
  • Faster order processing