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Dempster’s Automotive Supply

Company Facts
• Location: Barrie, Ontario, Canada
• Industry: Automotive
• Number of Stores: 1
• Employees: 18

"For years we have fielded daily phone calls from customers trying to track down missing invoices. Now we can give our customers online access to easily retrieve any of their documents. It's going to save everyone a lot of time."
Denise Parry, Office Manager | Dempster's Automotive Supply

From Chaos to Quiet

Denise Parry, office manager of Dempster's Automotive Supply, makes her way to the back-office and opens the door at the beginning of another busy work week. She has memories of a typical day besieged with incoming customer phone calls, stacks of paper on desks, invoices and statements in piles and overstuffed filing cabinets.

But the scene that greets her today is vastly different from the chaos she remembers. Now she looks forward to a quiet and clean office. That's because Dempster's has found a way to greatly reduce the number of customer calls and virtually eliminate paper from the back-office. Since installing Epicor WebDocs, Denise's desktop is clean and clear and it's quiet. A PC on the desk awaits her command.

Dempster's typically handled more than 50 telephone calls per month from customers. By setting up customers who called on a regular basis on WebDocs, they've reduced those monthly calls to three. They expect almost 90 percent of their customers will leap at the opportunity to get their documents online.

"For years we have fielded daily phone calls from customers trying to track down missing invoices," Denise says. "It's very time consuming to look for their documents in filing cabinets and then fax or mail them. Epicor WebDocs is changing all of that. Now our customers will be able to go online to easily retrieve their documents. Our staff and customers have instant access to documents at their fingertips. It's going to save everyone a lot of time, especially me!" Roland Dempster started the Barrie Ontario-based automotive supply business in 1976.

Roland is semi-retired now, but he's still involved-making sure Dempster's leverages every possible advantage to remain competitive. He was the driving force behind the company's adoption of RF guns to scan inventory using Epicor Bar Coding. Now he's ensuring the additional cumbersome manual process of managing and retrieving documents is also eliminated by using Epicor WebDocs.

Anytime Instant Access to Documents Cuts Time and Costs

Epicor WebDocs is a hosted, Web-based document management solution that securely stores and indexes invoices, statements, and credit memos. It boosts efficiency and reduces costs by providing secure 24 x 7 online access to important documents for
staff and customers.

"The potential for saving time was the deciding factor in our decision to get WebDocs," says Chris Dempster, general manager at Dempster's. "Previously, our countermen and back office staff spent a lot of time looking for missing invoices for customers when they could have been selling parts or working on more valuable tasks. With WebDocs, invoices and statements are instantly available with the click of a mouse by our customers and our staff, making everyone more efficient."

Users can quickly search for and retrieve documents using a variety of search parameters like invoice number, date range, document type, or customer ID number. Retrieved documents are presented as PDF files and can easily be reprinted, e-mailed, or faxed using standard desktop software.

"The search functionality in WebDocs is very simple and straightforward, yet it's extremely useful," Denise says. "Our staff and customers can search for and locate a specific document almost instantly. If a customer needs to track down an invoice, or wants to verify any details of their account such as credits for returns, they can go online and get the information they need."

"We foresee such a productivity boost using this system that we have cut back on staff," Chris says. "Denise no longer needs her assistant. That's a measurable cost savings for us."

Up and Running in Less Than Ten Minutes

Chris and Denise found deployment of the company's new paperless solution to be virtually effortless. Because WebDocs is a Web-based solution, there's very little setup or training required.

"We're not IT people," Chris says. "We know the basics, but we're not very computer savvy. And yet we found WebDocs very easy to set up and start using. We simply gave Epicor blank copies of our invoices and statement forms to use as templates, and they did the rest. We were up and running in a single afternoon."

"I deployed the system for our staff in less than ten minutes, including the various levels of security," Denise says. "It's very easy to use. There's practically no learning curve."

All data is hosted in The Epicor state-of-the-art data center. There are no additional servers to purchase or manage. WebDocs runs on any Internet-enabled computer using a standard Web browser.

Self-Service Online Access Improves Customer's Business Too

The team at Dempster's is rolling out WebDocs to their customers to provide them with round-the-clock self-service access to invoices, statements, and credit memos, via a professionally presented Web presence.

"We're thrilled by having online access to the latest information about our account with Dempster's," says Judy Tabler, office manager at Nor-Tech Automotive in Barrie, Ontario. "Now we can log on and see the current status of our account on a daily basis instead of having to wait for a statement in the mail at the end of the month. That's great for things like confirming that we were credited for a part we returned. We are very impressed that Dempster's can offer this level of self-service."

"This solution not only makes us more efficient, but helps our customers like Nor-Tech be more efficient as well," Chris says. "That's important because our customers are not only clients, but they're really our business partners. Using cutting edge technology like WebDocs contributes in a very positive way to the whole Dempster's image," he concludes. "Our customers perceive us as moving forward and helping them to do the same."

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