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Optimizing the Flow of the Packing Process 

According to Pilinko, "Using Eclipse Carton Packing, every one of our orders gets picked, staged, and double-checked before it goes into a box to be shipped to the customer." In addition, Davis & Warshow utilizes RF scanner guns to ensure each package gets loaded correctly. (However, a distributor does not need to have the Epicor RF Warehouse Management System in order to implement Carton Packing. Non-RF facilities can obtain some of the benefits of RF by leveraging wedge scanners in the packing process to validate that the item ordered is the same item that is being shipped). RF facilities that deliver orders on their own fleet can take advantage of the RF Load Carton function, which directs the user in reverse stop sequence to scan each carton ID for each order on the manifest, to ensure that everything gets loaded on the truck. 

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"Carton packing is absolutely essential for us in our day-to-day operations. We are very happy that Epicor is rolling this out into the latest Eclipse release."

Stan Pilinko, Vice President of Operations | Davis & Warshow


Company Facts
  • Location: Maspeth, New York
  • Industry: Plumbing & Heating
  • Number of Employees: 230
  • Web site: www.daviswarshow.com

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Content Labeling Leads to Improved Customer Service 

Eclipse Carton Packing leverages activity triggers (e.g., at the Ship Branch entity) to allow users to configure actions that result in labels printing out automatically, with the right format. Customer-specific product labeling requirements can seamlessly and automatically be printed during the packing process, to reduce the cost of filling these orders to key accounts.  

Because each box has its own unique ID number, Davis & Warshow can track items that have been shipped, which cuts down on a lot of follow-up calls from customers asking, "Where is Item X?" If a customer service agent receives a call that someone didn't receive Item X, the agent can quickly find the order and see what carton the item was packed into. "We have eliminated 95 percent of the shipping errors that customers might typically call us on in the past," Pilinko states. He concludes, "Carton Packing is absolutely essential for us in our day-to-day operations. We are very happy that Epicor is rolling this out into the latest Eclipse release, so that more distributors can provide their input and make it even better."

About Epicor 

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