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Custom Molded Products

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With two production facilities and one 110,000 square-foot distribution center, Custom Molded Products (CMP) manufactures most of the items it sells. The only complication: logistics. CMP's warehouse is located in Tyrone, Georgia, and its manufacturing plants are near Shangai, China-making lengthy lead times, duties, and brokers' fees facts of life. 

Luckily, the company works on Epicor Prophet 21. A Microsoft Windows-based, SQL Server solution, Prophet 21 enables distributors to track inventory when it is on water, while automatically factoring import costs into an item's final price. 

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"We've increased our profitability immensely. It's a great position to be in."

William Drury, Owner | Custom Molded Products


Company Facts
  • Location: Tyrone, Georgia
  • Industry: Manufacturer and distributor of plastics
  • Web site: www.c-m-p.com

  • Help a Georgia-based plastics distributor better track inventory, manage costs, and increase sales without increasing payroll

  • Prophet 21

  • Increased revenue by 50 percent without additional human resources
  • Decreased pick time by 30 percent
  • Improved inventory and import management
  • Increased profitability

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"Prophet 21 is great from a customer service perspective because once our containers hit the water, we know when they will arrive here," says William Drury, one of the owners of the company. "We can then communicate that information to our customers. It's something we just couldn't do with our legacy system." 

And, because Prophet 21 automatically tracks every cost involved in importing product-from foreign and domestic port charges to freight costs-Drury can price items accurately to maintain peak profitability. "It's very easy to forget to factor a tax or duty into something's final price, which means you're stuck paying it," Drury says. "Prophet 21 ensures we remember those little things that can really add up."

Graphic Detail 

Founded in 1989, CMP specializes in producing and distributing molded components for spas, pools, and jetted tubs. When the company started growing at a rate of about 30 to 40 percent each year in 2002, Drury realized he had to move his company from an accounting software package to a distribution-centric solution.  

He, along with other CMP executives, chose Prophet 21 because they felt Epicor understood their business. "Prophet 21 is a solution that's well thought out," he says. "We looked at several other packages, and many offered the same types of features, but things just didn't seem to flow. With Prophet 21, inventory is integrated to purchasing, which is integrated to accounting. It just makes sense.

Drury says that features within Prophet 21-like the ability to link individual items to electronic files-has greatly simplified and improved customer service. "If a customer has a question about something, one of our order takers can pull an electronic photo or spec sheet and e-mail it out, or describe it in graphic detail," he says. "Because no one remembers every detail about thousands of SKUs, order takers don't have to waste their time shuffling through file cabinets to get a product's dimensions." 

And, because inventory accuracy has jumped from 90 to 98 percent, order takers can count on Prophet 21. "Between cycle counting and bin tracking, we've made huge improvements in the warehouse," Drury says. 

Because Prophet 21 prints bin locations on pick tickets, warehouse staff can work more efficiently. "Before we were on Prophet 21, we tracked bins on spreadsheets, and the guys had to manually plot where they'd go to pick product," he says. "Now, Prophet 21 tells them where to go, and puts them on a logical, efficient path through the warehouse. It's cut pick time by at least 30 percent." 

Overall, Drury says that Prophet 21 has helped CMP handle a 50 percent increase in revenue without adding personnel to the order desk or warehouse. "We've increased our profitability immensely," he says. "It's a great position to be in."

About Epicor 

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