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Cooks Pharmacy Gift Cards

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Cook's Pharmacy Generates Sales with Epicor Gift Cards 

Cook's Pharmacy has been an Epicor customer for 25 years. Cook's three locations rely on the Epicor Eagle system to streamline and manage retail operations. Recently, Cook's implemented the Gift Card module to replace paper gift certificates. "Paper certificates were time consuming," says Melissa Young, CFO of Cook's Pharmacy. "They were less accurate and labor intensive. And, we wanted to create a better store image." Since implementation, the Gift Card module has solved Cook's gift certificate challenges. 

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"I highly recommend Epicor Gift Cards. They save time, boost store image, and keep our cash where it needs to be-in our business."

Melissa Young, CFO | Cook´s Pharmacy
Company Facts
  • Headquarters: Eminence, Kentucky
  • Industry: Pharmacy
  • Number of Stores: 3
  • Number of Employees: 54

  • Epicor Eagle Gift Card

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Adding Efficiency, Customers, and Sales 

Cook's Pharmacy uses gift cards in regular retail transactions, for public relation donations, and for returns of $25 or over. In regular transactions, when customers purchase a gift card, the cashier rings up the gift card SKU like any other item. Previously, Cook's paper gift certificates required back office help. "If a customer spent, for example, only $10.69 out of a $25 gift certificate, we'd have to go to the back office to subtract how much they had spent," explains Melissa. "It was labor intensive and time consuming. Now it's all taken care of at the checkout counter."  

Gift cards have also enabled Cook's to increase and track its public relations efforts. Cook's provides donations in the form of gift cards, which now, they track in the Eagle system. "Sixty percent of our PR gift cards get used. New customers come in to redeem the donated gift cards and often buy more," describes Melissa. "We're definitely bringing more people into the store with the gift cards." 

Finally, Cook's introduced a new return policy with the switch to Gift Cards. Customers receive a gift card for any return of $25 or over. "We see the biggest money generator from our refund policy," states Melissa. "We have issued about two thousand dollars in gift cards for returns. Since customers have to use the card in our store, the money stays in our business."

Improved Professional Look 

The Epicor Gift Cards have also provided a more professional look for Cook's Pharmacy with Cook's selecting the images that appear on the cards. "We chose a pharmacy image for prescription gift cards, and seasonal images for the hardware side, like flowers for spring and toys during the holidays," explains Melissa. Cook's earns some advertising revenue by offering space on the cards for its vendors' logos. "We were already going to print the cards. This way we get advertising dollars to offset the cost." Cook's Pharmacy has been impressed with Gift Cards. 

About Epicor 

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