Conwell Ace Hardware

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Conwell Ace Hardware is a family-owned hardware and building materials store in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The business offers pet supplies, installs custom blinds, runs an electrical and plumbing wholesaling unit, as well as supplies paper goods to local guest houses and restaurants. Conwell's relies on Epicor Eagle software to manage its inventory, pricing, and more.

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By slightly adjusting my rounding rules with Epicor Eagle Pricing Planner, I gained an additional $65,000 in margin in the first year.

Jeff Rogers, President | Conwell Enterprises
Company Facts
  • Location: Provincetown, Massachusetts
  • Industry: Hardware, Lumber and Building Materials
  • Number of Locations: 1
  • Website:
  • Affiliation: Ace Hardware

  • Managing the business while away from the store
  • Making informed purchasing decisions at buying shows
  • Performing price changes that maximize margin
  • Meeting inventory demands of a highly seasonal business

  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager
  • Epicor Eagle Pricing Planner
  • Epicor Eagle Inventory Planner
  • Epicor Eagle Performance Manager

  • Manage the store with a smartphone from anywhere with access to sales, inventory, and customer data
  • Gained an additional $65,000 in margin in the first year of using Pricing Planner
  • Reduce stock outs from increased accuracy of suggested order points

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Better access to key data

Conwell's uses key performance indicators at any time, day or night, using Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager. “I can't live without Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager,” said Jeff Rogers, president of Conwell Ace Hardware. “Even when I'm not in the store, I can look at current total sales, last year's sales on the same day, popular items, and customer accounts.”

The flexibility to view information at any time has been invaluable to Conwell's. “I can scan an item and see the item's selling history or find out how many we have on hand,” said Rogers. “It's almost like having an RF scanner with you all the time. Access to data keeps me in the loop on how the business is doing.”

Rogers also keeps tabs on the business while attending buying shows. “Recently, I attended the Ace and Radio Shack shows,” said Rogers. “While away, I could use Mobile Manager to check the store's sales multiple times a day while walking around the show floor. It helped me make better buying decisions. Before, I used to carry around a printed report and I'd have to remotely access the Epicor Eagle system when I returned to my room or I'd have to call the store. With Mobile Manager, I have the flexibility to look up items immediately, which saves me time and enables me to be more accurate. I know how much of every item I'm buying and selling, so I don't overbuy.”

The Mobile Manager tool is also instrumental in catching low quantity-on-hand items. “I use Mobile Manager to verify quantities,” said Rogers. “If I discover we are out-of-stock of an item, I can still have it delivered on the next truck instead of waiting longer. I'm able to catch our potentially out-of-stock instances faster.”

Staying connected is essential for the Conwell management team. “I can't imagine being without access to current store information 24/7, I have so much more freedom now,” said Rogers. “Using Mobile Manager is a no-brainer. You shouldn't run your business without it.”

More responsive order point adjustments

Rogers struggled to keep adequate quantities on-hand when using a third-party software. “When came out it was cutting edge, but the seasonality of our business proved challenging for that tool,” said Rogers. “We were experiencing a lot of stockouts. This first busy season with Epicor Eagle Inventory Planner, we were out-of-stock less often than previous seasons, and our inventory turns are up at least a point. For instance, an A item had an order point of four units under the old system and we constantly ran out. Under that same instance, Inventory Planner suggests we should have eight units in stock. Now, we remain in stock and don't lose sales or disappoint our customers. Inventory Planner has adapted more quickly to the changing fall season, too. Order points are coming down much faster, which will keep us from being overstocked. For our business, it's critical to be able to rapidly respond to these seasonal changes. Inventory Planner is a crucial tool.”

Faster pricing updates and maximized margins

Updating prices used to be time consuming at Conwell's. “Previously, with Margin Master, we had to export and import price changes, which took a long time. Now, with Epicor Eagle Pricing Planner, I click a button, and the prices are updated immediately, no uploading required. I can perform changes during the middle of the day, right away. It's fast and seamless.”

Conwell's uses the what-if analysis capabilities of Epicor Eagle Pricing Planner to see how price changes can affect sales volume. “It's important to make logical and informed decisions when you set pricing,” said Rogers. “Price changes come out all the time from Ace. If you don't have a tool to forecast what your particular market can tolerate, you could be losing out on thousands of dollars in margin. I use the what-if analysis constantly and base my decisions on what will happen. I always run what-if scenarios to ensure we maximize our margin. By slightly adjusting my rounding rules within Pricing Planner, I gained an additional $65,000 in margin in the first year.”

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