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A century of innovation

In a span of more than 100 years, Climax, which is comprised of Clima Paperboard, Climax Manufacturing, and Climax Packaging, has evolved into a world-class manufacturer of folding cartons and recycled paperboard. Clima Paperboard not only provides vertical integration for materials for the packagin plants, they also offer products to the graphic arts industry and paperboard components used in bottle-sealing technology. Climax Manufacturing and Clima Packaging provide packaging to the specialty retail, food service, and industrial markets, including doughnut boxes that can be found in Walmart® locations from the East Coast to the West Coast north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

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Nothing adjusts the schedule for us the way that Epicor AVP does through its automate rescheduling process. Epicor AVP is just huge for us.

Jill Boliver, Vice President of Administration | Climax Paperboard and Packaging
Company Facts
  • Location: Lowville, New York
  • Industry: Manufacturer of folding cartons and paperboard products
  • Web site:

  • Needed an efficient way to schedule production job
  • Needed an easy way to manage frequent changes to production schedule

  • Epicor AVP Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

  • Ability to easily schedule production jobs by time block
  • Time-savings with automated real-time adjustments to the schedule
  • Ability to automatically reschedule all jobs in sequence when production schedule changes

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Scheduling challenges

Years ago at Climax, production planning and scheduling was handled with JD Edwards® software. The scheduler maintained the data and the system analyst maintained the software. Jobs would have to be manually entered into the scheduling system before a schedule could be created. This process was time consuming, and made schedule changes difficult.

"Changing the schedule was time consuming, and we had to make lots of changes to the schedule when we had urgent orders or equipment issues," said Jill Boliver, vice president of administration at Climax Paperboard and Packaging. "There was a lot of manual intervention for a system that also wasn't the easiest to use."

See How Climax Uses Epicor AVP Scheduling Software to Efficiently Manage Production

"We implemented the Epicor AVP Advanced Planning and Scheduling software because we wanted better control of the schedule," said Boliver. "Epicor AVP gave us the ability to schedule jobs by time block, and manage jobs on a machine as changes arose by shifting jobs upon the insertion or removal of a job. Epicor AVP delivered everything we wanted."

New system, old challenge

After utilizing JD Edwards for a number of years, Climax switched to a Plex business system, and decided to switch off the Epicor AVP scheduling software. "At first, we felt that we could manage our schedule by using just the Plex software," said Boliver. "It was useable and had decent drag-and-drop functionality to move the orders out. But it only provided infinite scheduling. Any time we ran behind on the schedule, for whatever reason, if we wanted to reschedule, or move a job around, the Plex software didn't automatically reschedule the other jobs for us. We had to move every job in the schedule manually, so we would just get further and further behind. When we switched to Plex we soon found that we missed a lot of what the Epicor AVP scheduling module had to offer."

Epicor AVP provides dramatic improvement

"When we had Epicor AVP integrated with our old business system, we loved the way it handled schedule changes quickly, and automatically moved our orders through, based on where we wanted them to go," said Boliver. "Epicor AVP does exactly what we want scheduling software to do."

Climax subsequently had the Epicor AVP Advanced Planning and Scheduling module integrated with the Plex business system. "When we integrated Epicor AVP with the new business system our scheduling smoothed out dramatically," said Boliver. "We were back in control. It was a wild period without the Epicor AVP scheduling software."

Managing crunch time

A good portion of Climax's business comes from gift packages for retail clothing stores, like Saks Fifth Avenue®, Coach®, and The Children's Place®, where they offer gift boxes leading up to Christmas. "The fall happens to be our busy season, especially going into Black Friday," said Boliver. "Everybody wants an ample supply of gift boxes in their stores."

That's where the automatic schedule adjustment of Epicor AVP excels. "When you're in a compressed timeframe to get orders out, if for any reason a job won't be finished when it was supposed to, you can either fall further behind or quickly reschedule everything to match what's happening on the floor," said Boliver. "Nothing adjusts the schedule for us the way that Epicor AVP does through its automated rescheduling process. Epicor AVP is just huge for us." "In addition, with Epicor AVP in place we can be much more responsive to the customer because we know exactly when jobs will be done," said Boliver. "If there's a delay, we'll know about it and we can adjust for it. We can be honest with the customer and say 'it won't be done today, but here's when it will be done.' Having the schedule information available lets us be that much more intimate with the customer."

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