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Central Network Retail Group (CNRG) is a multi-brand, multi-format retailer operating 49 hardware stores, home centers, and lumberyards throughout nine states across the US. Founded in 2011 by Jimmy R. Smith, president of Home Hardware Center, and Boyden Moore, president of Tyndale Advisors, the company brings together strong retail brands in the home improvement industry through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. One of the company's goals is to build an exceptional technical and management infrastructure that can be leveraged across the entire network of stores. Home Hardware Center was the first retailer of CNRG to begin using the Epicor Eagle Hosting solution in 21 stores.

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"Epicor Eagle Hosting allows us to gain from the competitive advantages of using a specialized retail software suite and to gain from letting experts host the applications."

Boyden Moore, President | Central Network Retail Group
Company Facts
  • Location: Memphis, Tennessee
  • Industry: Lumber, Hardware, and Home Center
  • Number of Locations: 49
  • Number of Employees: 800
  • Web site: www.cnrgstores.com
  • Co-op: Orgill

  • Eliminate on-site servers and local IT functions
  • Consolidate operations into a cloud-based hosting environment
  • Leverage synergies between independent retail stores

  • Epicor Eagle Hosting

  • Integrates retail store systems with central database
  • Standardizes retail software across all stores
  • System monitoring ensures availability, security, and performance
  • Remote software updates without interrupting business

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Hosted solution strategy

Epicor Eagle Hosting manages the server, storage, and software required to run the Epicor Eagle business management system. This makes both initial system implementations and expansions easier, which is ideal for a growing company like CNRG. "Our strategy from the beginning has been to limit the need for servers at the home office or retail sites," said Boyden Moore, president of CNRG. "We're not in the IT business, nor do we think that it's a cost effective way for us to manage multi-store technology demands. We want our solutions to be hosted and we've made a commitment to that architecture. Epicor Eagle Hosting allows us to gain from the competitive advantages of using a specialized retail software suite and to gain from letting experts host the applications."

A smooth conversion process

Home Hardware Center was the first CNRG retailer to adopt the Eagle Hosting solution. "We approached Epicor to help us convert our Home Hardware Center stores to the hosted solution," said Moore. "At that time, the stores were already running the Eagle solution, but we wanted the efficiencies of having Eagle software centrally hosted. Those 21 stores are now on the hosted solution and it was a fantastic conversion. We're pleased that the business wasn't interrupted at the store level. Eagle Hosting runs just like the on-site Eagle solution, but without the worries."

IT professionals at the helm

The Epicor Eagle Hosting solution helps maintain a current, secure, available, and redundant system. "We don't want a heavy investment in an IT department and a server farm in the home office. And we expect that IT professionals will do a better job than we could on our own," said Moore. "Epicor Eagle Hosting delivers numerous benefits to our organization. It allows us to focus on our core strength of running our retail businesses. We now have more predictable IT costs, without the worry about capacity and bandwidth."

Working with a supportive partner

"CNRG is committed to creating a flexible and scalable technology architecture that will support the company's long term growth plans. The Epicor technical team was invaluable in helping us create a solution that enables our stores, using Eagle software, to connect with our hosted central database software," said Moore.

"We've been really impressed with the entire Epicor team. From the beginning, they were transparent and open about their technology platform, its current scalability, and future architectural plans, which allowed us to make our decisions. They were very helpful and honest at every step and our relationship has grown." 

Synergy: Local business operation and centralized efficiency

"We have a two-tier strategy enabling stores to run Eagle software with it's range of retail services and have them feed to one database so that we see overall performance to help us achieve overall operational excellence," said Moore. "Our company is all about synergy. Our vision is that the technical infrastructure will support independent brand store operations and at the same time analysis and decisions can be leveraged across all stores to allow us to be more efficient and effective. We think we have that synergy with Epicor Eagle Hosting, as it's an important component to our system strategy. We look forward to the solution helping us achieve our growth goals."

About Epicor

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