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The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) needed an HRIS that it could customize substantially to accommodate its unique structure as a law enforcement agency. 

With Epicor's award-winning Epicor HCM system, the CCSO was able to meet its needs and become a more efficient law enforcement agency, especially in times of  crisis when it's called upon most.

Multiple Systems Prone to Corruption 

Before Epicor HCM, the CCSO used multiple Microsoft Access databases to manage 610 full-time employees (law enforcement officers, corrections officers and civilians) in nine locations (offices, training facilities and the county jail, among other locations).  

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"Epicor HCM offered many more modules that would assist in implementing an agency-wide solution to our previous stand-alone databases, and it was more cost-effective."

Debbie Bowe, Assistant IT Director | CCSO


Company Facts
  • Location: Charlotte, Florida
  • Industry: Law Enforcement
  • Number of Locations: 9
  • Web site: www.ccso.org

  • CCSO kept their employee information fragmented across multiple databases, spreadsheets, software solutions, and paper files. They needed one solution to make their employee data accurate and accessible.

  • Epicor HCM

  • Provides a way to quickly gather employee information during emergencie
  • Reporting suite assists in accreditation purposes
  • Improved efficiency of HR staff

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In addition to the personnel databases, the CCSO used spreadsheets, specialized  software, an additional database, and paper records to track training, manage  firearms, and maintain property and financial records-all with a number of  different users. 

The multiple systems made it difficult for employees and managers alike to access  and keep current on information. If employees needed a copy of their training  history, for example, they had to ask the secretary of the Training Section to print a hard copy. 

"We needed a consolidated system that would eliminate the multiple stand-alone systems which had a tendency to corrupt," said Debbie Bowe, CCSO assistant IT director. "We needed a system that was user-friendly, integrated easily with Microsoft products, was easy to implement, and, of course, was cost-effective."

A Unique Solution 

The agency chose Epicor as its HRIS provider because Epicor HCM was more cost-effective than other solutions and offered many more modules to assist in  implementing a single system to replace the multiple stand-alone systems.  

Epicor HCM is a true HRIS that automates everything related to HR in a single web-based software system. In an easy-to-use web interface, it enables organizations to track, manage, and analyze data for all employees, from applicants to retirees. 

With Epicor HCM, automated workflow improves efficiency and frees HR staff for other duties, while powerful reporting tools create a complete picture of a workforce. Self-service enables applicants, employees and managers to access information-such as training history-without assistance from HR.


Although the implementation of CCSO's system was fairly standard, the agency has made a number of modifications with the help of Epicor Product Support representatives. As a law enforcement agency, the organization operates more as a paramilitary local government entity than a private business and, as such, needs a custom system.  

Because the ranking system is different from private businesses, the CCSO modified the 'department' and 'location' fields to 'bureau,' 'division,' 'section,' and 'squad.' The agency also customized the pay forms to account for state and agency incentive pay for achieving additional education. 

The Epicor HCM Candidate Self-Service module-which the sheriff's office customized to accommodate law enforcement recruiting requirements-is used throughout the agency and is especially handy for training registration and performance reviews. 

To adhere to national and state accreditation requirements, initially, the CCSO needed to modify the performance reviews to follow job descriptions. After operating for several years under that system, their needs changed and they again needed to modify the performance reviews to use the same 10 questions for all  employees. 

"The system was flexible enough that we were able to make the change without difficulty, and without any major interruption in client service," said Bowe. 

In the future, the agency plans to add a customization for Internal Affairs investigations and disciplinary actions.

An Unexpected Modification 

When Hurricane Charley hit Florida in August 2004, the storm affected every facility in the county and caught the CCSO off-guard. While two of the district offices were relatively unharmed, a portion of the administration building's roof was ripped away and one district office was completely destroyed.  

"We suddenly found that we needed people with skills outside of the normal law enforcement or corrections skills," said Bowe. "We needed people with knowledge of construction and the use of heavy equipment, among other things."

Initially, the agency planned to use a paper handout to survey every employee's additional skills, but the HR Director soon realized it would be more efficient to use Epicor HCM to gather the information. 

CCSO staff modified the competencies and proficiencies area of Epicor HCM along with the work history area to gather the necessary information. The agency now had a searchable, reportable database for finding people with special skills to help out during emergencies

A More Efficient Law Enforcement Agency 

The days of a fragmented system are gone, and the CCSO now operates from a single, web-based system that houses all of its employee-based information in one place. HR can readily access all employee information, and IT no longer has to make installations on individual computers.  

With Epicor HCM's flexibility, the agency has a customized system that suits the particular HR needs of law enforcement. Its HR staff can do their jobs faster, easier and more efficiently- especially during times of crisis, like Hurricane Charley, when it's most important. 

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