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BURNCO Landscape Centre is a division of a 103-year-old, family owned, aggregatebased construction materials business based in Western Canada. The 16 landscape centres are one-stop-shops for landscaping supplies including gravel, topsoil, mulch, sand, paving stones, retaining walls, natural stone and more. The company replaced its previous in-house point of sale (POS) system with the Epicor Eagle system. With a focus on “bringing a customer's landscape vision to life,” BURNCOlandscape.com was launched using Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite as the foundational technology on which to build its eCommerce strategy.

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“With Epicor iNet we're one of the leaders in our industry for landscape supplies online.”

Steven Sample, Landscape Administration Manager | BURNCO Landscape Centre
Company Facts
  • Location: Calgary, Canada
  • Industry: Lawn and Garden
  • Number of Stores: 16
  • Number of Employees: 200+ in peak seasons
  • Web site: www.burncolandscape.com

  • Building an eCommerce solution that works across 15 stores in 3 provinces

  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite

  • Competitive advantage with 24/7 online sales web site
  • Reduced phone calls about easily accessed information
  • Increased customer service for design questions
  • Integrated with the Epicor Eagle system

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New web site developed with Epicor iNet

Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite is an eCommerce and eBusiness technology solution that provides online storefronts. “We designed our new web site using Epicor iNet because we wanted to enable our customers to buy products online,” said Steven Sample, administration manager at BURNCO. “This solution allows our customers to buy their landscaping supplies 24 hours a day, seven days a week online and have their order delivered the next day. Site monitoring tells us that people using the site are always looking for more information and how to calculate the needed materials, so we're constantly optimizing it to meet our customer's needs. For example, we're adding more calculators and easier access from mobile devices and tablets. Getting eCommerce up and running is challenging, but it's much easier with Epicor iNet because everything is integrated with the Epicor Eagle solution. For example, if a certain rock is available in all 16 stores, information for that SKU is loaded only once and it populates the fields for all stores. Additionally, with live pricing when we make a price change in the Eagle system, it's immediately updated on our web site.”

Shipping is a no longer a big deal

The flexible shipping rules in Epicor iNet assign the right rates for bulky and overweight items like landscaping supplies, making it easier for BURNCO to do business online. “Shipping was a key criterion for our eCommerce solution and Epicor iNet calculates local shipping for different trucks based on load,” said Sample. “Customers enter delivery instructions online. Epicor iNet automatically sends the order to the store that has the product in stock and is closest to the customer's shipping location. Our dispatcher then makes shipping arrangements without contacting the customer via the phone.”

Differentiation with online presence

Independent retailers like BURNCO Landscape Centre recognize they must compete with a world of options. “With Epicor iNet we're one of the leaders in our industry for landscape supplies online,” said Sample. “Today's consumers are used to shopping and comparing prices online and businesses have to be online to be in the game. If you don't have the ability to sell, or at least feature your products online in an informative way, it's going to be tough.”

Delivering better customer service

Epicor iNet enables retailers to connect with customers in powerful and cost effective new ways. “We anticipate significant operational savings deploying Epicor iNet,” said Sample. “We've already seen a drop in calls for easily answered questions, resulting in fewer customers on hold, because a lot of questions are answered online. This frees our Contact Centre staff to spend more time helping customers with their designs. We plan to allow contractors to access their accounts online, see their pricing, update their orders, review their order history, and print their invoices.”

Epicor iNet makes perfect sense

“Offering an online store, just to stay competitive, is a foregone conclusion. Building an eCommerce solution using Epicor iNet that is completely integrated with the Eagle system is an obvious choice,” said Sample. “It will save you a lot of work. Product information and images are uploaded once, automatically populating multiple store locations. Pricing is in real time and synchronized across multiple systems. Customers' orders and sales go straight to your POS systems. It's seamless and there is a huge savings in labor and time.”

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