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Brookside Lumber

Brookside Lumber was drawn to Epicor BisTrack software by its process workflow and modern architecture. But more than that, they saw the Epicor team as a valuable business partner.

BisTrack software workflow “pushes” for efficiency and superior service

A key difference Brookside Lumber noticed about BisTrack software is that its workflow matches the needs of LBM contractor yards to manage processes for superior customer service and efficiency. “The BisTrack software workflow mirrors what we do and puts in place controls and structures that are lacking in other systems,” says David Jones, president of Brookside Lumber.


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"We selected BisTrack because its technology platform is what we need to accomplish our goals in a timely and economical manner. To me, the right architecture and platform are the foundation for driving your technology solution forward."

David Jones, President | Brookside Lumber
Company Facts
  • Location: Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Sales Profile: 50-75% Contractor, 25-50% Retail
  • Number of Locations: 3 lumber yards, 2 manufacturing facilities
  • Web site:  www.brooksidelumber.com

  • Mining necessary business information in a timely manner

  • Epicor BisTrack

  • Operational efficiency
  • Better customer service
  • Quick access to information
  • Input on system enhancements
  • Economical technology platform


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“We like the way BisTrack software pushes information out to the user,” says Marcie Martin, IT manager at Brookside Lumber. “For example, when special items are received, a message is automatically sent to the sales person letting them know it's here. Or when stock is low or negative, a message is automatically sent to the buyers.”

“In the other systems that we looked at, you had to rely on someone to go in and dig the information out of the system, which wouldn't always happen,” recalls Martin. “So the fact that BisTrack software does that for you is extremely beneficial.”

Smart Views-an easy tool for quick information access

Another major benefit to Brookside is being able to use the BisTrack software Smart Views functionality to quickly get information out of the solution for a specific request. For example, Smart Views help Brookside identify receipt variances and customers with no activity. To streamline year-end inventory reconciliation, Smart Views are used to gather data on open orders by product groups and products than have not been counted.

“The Smart Views are excellent,” say Martin. “Users are amazed by the information that you can get out of the system quickly.”

The BisTrack technology platform needed to accomplish goals

When Brookside Lumber decided to look for new business software, they wanted a system that was flexible, open, userfriendly, and easily enhanced.

“We selected BisTrack software because its technology platform is what we need to accomplish our goals in a timely and economical manner,” says Jones, referring to the BisTrack Windows environment with a Microsoft SQL Server backend. “To me, the right architecture and platform are the foundation for driving your technology solution forward. I really like the openness of BisTrack software. I've got total control over the data and reports are customizable. And, we save because it's hardware independent. With other systems, we would have paid six times the price for servers,” reports Jones.

Brookside Lumber also appreciates the relative ease of enhancement that comes thanks to the BisTrack platform. “The Epicor team is very open to suggestions, and it seems that enhancements can happen more quickly,” says Martin. “They're a team sincerely interested in the development of their product and have been very good to work with.”

Partnered with Epicor BisTrack user group

David Jones concurs: “One of the most pleasant surprises so far has been that there haven't been any bad surprises. We were given no false expectations during the sales process,” says Jones. “And Epicor fosters a supportive user group that is really excited about the software and sharing the creative things they're doing with it.”

Martin agrees, and comments on how useful the BisTrack user conference was: “Meeting people in this line of work and hearing presentations from BisTrack users running businesses just like ours really helps us gain experience.”

“We feel good about the choice we made,” Martin concludes about their switch to BisTrack software. “I am confident that we made the right decision and that the BisTrack technology will support our needs well into the future.”

Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of manufacturers and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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