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Bombas Goulds de Mexico

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With Epicor ERP, Bombas Goulds de México significantly reduces operating costs by optimizing inventory management and customer service.

Bombas Goulds de México is a company based in Seneca Falls, New York, specializing in the manufacture of industrial pumps for the oil, mining and construction industry. Its facilities in México include a plant in Tizayuca and a distribution center in Querétaro.

After an evaluation period that took almost a year, the positive experience with the Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution from users in Sweden and the United States sparked the decision for Bombas Goulds de México to choose Epicor.

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"Today we have detailed control of every component involved in the manufacturing process, from a screw to the most expensive part of a pump. Now we can see directly into operations, and know exactly which components we need."

Manuel Moreno, IT Manager | Bombas Goulds de México
Company Facts

  • Bombas Goulds de México needed to consolidate all company financial information within one integrated solution across its facilities.

  • Epicor ERP

  • Consolidated company information within one integrated solution
  • Detail control of the manufacturing process
  • Reduced supply cycle time by 20%
  • Reduced costs
  • Gained real-time statistical information
  • Improved customer service

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"We wanted to have a common language, and we knew that with Epicor it would be easier to consolidate all financial information. Among our goals was real-time information of customers made available to our different companies on a single database," said Manuel Moreno, information technology manager for Bombas Goulds de México.

The project starts

After 12 years of running pump manufacturing operations with a different software solution, Bombas Goulds de México started the implementation of Epicor ERP in May 2010. The main objective was to provide 50 users, 40 from the Tizayuca plant and 10 from the distribution center in Queretaro, with a tool to cover its present requirements, and at the same time would enable them for the future.

"The implementation was well planned; we had good support from Epicor and their business partner. They were with us all the time, and they adjusted the project to the pace and level of detail we wanted," said Moreno.

The benefits of Epicor

Although Bombas Goulds de México chose Epicor thinking about the long-term benefits, switching to Epicor-a user-friendly and reliable software that offers the possibility of displaying information in real time-brought significant improvements in just the first month after implementation.

"Today we have detailed control of every component involved in the manufacturing process, from a screw to the most expensive part of a pump. Now we can see directly into operations, and know exactly which components we need."

"Productivity has improved and we have better parameters to control purchases. This has great economic advantages, since the projects have delivery times and if customers are not satisfied, they could penalize us. With Epicor, we have the control so that every material arrives on time. With Materials Requirements Planning (MRP), we can manage and control when and where we are buying in a graphic, objective and dynamic way," said Moreno.

Another important benefit that Bombas Goulds de México realized during the first year is related to the efficiency in inventory management, which is basic in every manufacturing business.

"In the inspection module we have statistical information on what has been rejected and what has not, which permits us to improve our supply chain. At the moment, the reduction of time achieved in the supply cycle as a result of better planning is 20 percent," Moreno added.

One of the lessons learned from the implementation of Epicor in Bombas Goulds de México is the importance of the real-time access to master data for information about customers, parts and suppliers. Another basic step to obtain excellent results in a project of this kind is the appropriate training of the ERP users.

These elements, combined with the participation of a good implementation team from Epicor, and active involvement of executives and users of Bombas Goulds de México in every part of the process, was the perfect mix for success.

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