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Founded in 1978, Baro Hardware, Inc. is a family-owned and operated commercial hardware store headquartered in Miami, Florida. The company is one of the fastest growing distributors of professional quality tools, equipment, and hardware materials in the industry. In addition, Baro Hardware offers a complete line of commercial and industrial supplies from the highest-quality manufacturers in the industry such as Ridgid, Milwaukee Power Tools, Fluke, and Benjamin Moore Paints.

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Epicor Eagle has really helped us improve our business. I don't know how we could operate our business now without it.

Terry Baro, General Manager | Baro Hardware, Inc.


Company Facts
  • Location: Miami, Florida, United States
  • Industry: Hardware and Home Centers
  • Number of Locations: 2
  • Web site:

  • Too much time spent on accounts payable/receivable
  • Improving inventory management
  • Dollars lost due to out-of-date information

  • Epicor Eagle

  • Reduced payroll expenses by 33%
  • Inventory and invoice tracking a the touch of a button
  • Improved productivity and increased timesaving's for customer requests

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Baro Hardware is committed to exceeding customer satisfaction, trust and integrity by delivering quality products and services conforming to industry best practices and standards. In order to maintain this foundational structure, while simultaneously taking their business to the next level, Baro Hardware implemented Epicor Eagle.

From handwritten invoices to improved efficiency from a reliable system

Since 2003, has experienced many business successes with Epicor Eagle. "Prior to using Epicor Eagle we pulled a lot of files manually-entered numbers into QuickBooks, handwrote invoices, and regularly created Excel spreadsheets," said Barbra Baro, office manager of Baro Hardware. "But our company kept growing and it was no longer possible to manage the business using our old processes."

The upkeep of inventory management and invoice tracking were a few key deciding factors to selecting Epicor. "Physically we would get a stack of invoices at the end of each day," said Barbra Baro. "We would manually put the invoices in alphabetical order, match them to the duplicate invoices, then check the totals. After that process we would file all the invoices, then at the end of the month they would be physically pulled once again to be manually matched with a statement that was folded, stuffed in an envelope, stamped, and mailed."

"Now that we use Epicor Eagle we have reduced our payroll expenses by 33%," said Barbra Baro. "The accounts payable and receivable department was always operated by three people, but after we implemented Eagle we were able to drop down to two people. I haven't had to hire an additional person and we are able to more efficiently get the work done. That's a huge savings for our company."

Ninety-five percent of Baro Hardware's business comes from local contractors. Epicor Eagle has helped the company fulfill a broad range of customer requests, allowing them to provide exceptional customer service. "Occasionally we receive requests from contractors who want to know specific quantities of tools or products they have purchased from us," said Barbra Baro. "When a customer requests something you want to meet their needs and make them happy. Before our Eagle system it took me multiple days and sometimes up to a week to complete the customer's request. Now using Eagle I am able to go into the Viewers, collect the information I need and have it ready for the customer in only a couple of minutes-that's amazing! This saves me time, the company money, and the outcome is very professional. The Viewers are so easy and fast. Eagle gives me the information I need at the push of a button."

Accurately pricing in-stock inventory

Baro Hardware is known for their sales of raw materials like copper and steel. Prices of those materials fluctuate frequently in the marketplace. "All of the sudden these material prices can go through the roof for retail, yet in the past with our in-stock inventory we were still paying on the old prices-losing a lot of money by not updating our inventory with up-to-date prices," said Terry Baro. "There was no way we could keep a handle on our inventory physically, knowing the prices adjust so quickly. Epicor Eagle has really helped us improve our business. I don't know how we could operate our business now without it."

"Our investment in Epicor Eagle has proven to be 100% worthwhile-the back office improvements we have been able to make are remarkable," said Terry Baro, general manager of Baro Hardware "The Eagle solution has provided us with insight to our business we didn't have before."

Peace of mind from fast and easy support

Incorporating a new business management system can be a challenge for any company big or small. "The thing I love about Epicor the most is that I can pick up the phone and call the Eagle Advice Line for anything," said Barbra Baro. "To me that is worth a million dollars-not being able to get in touch with a company when you need support is something you get really frustrated about. We haven't experienced that with Epicor, we are happy to say that we can get help whenever we need it."

"I don't think the support as a whole is there with other solution vendors when you compare the support you get with Epicor," said Terry Baro.

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