Arrowhead Building Supply

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Arrowhead Building Supply delivers high-quality roofing and exterior building supplies to contractors in Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas. Like many roofing materials distributors, Arrowhead has a large inventory of a wide variety of building materials stored at multiple warehouses and contractor sales locations.

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"Epicor BisTrack is everything my DMSi system should have been. It's simple, powerful, and user friendly.”

Tami Pogue-Dohrman, controller | Arrowhead Building Supply
Company Facts
  • Location: St. Peters, Missouri
  • Industry: Lumber and building materials
  • Specialty: Roofing and siding
  • Sales Profile: Professional contractors
  • Number of Locations: 6
  • Website:

  • Managing inventory, orders, and customers across multiple sales and warehouse locations on aging distribution management system

  • Epicor BisTrack

  • Availability of business data in branches and remote locations
  • Improved productivity in procurement, inventory control, accounts payable, and accounts receivable
  • Better dispatch and delivery tracking
  • Ability for contractors and suppliers to access account information
  • Ease of use and training
  • Reduced need for costly custom reports

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Replaced aging software with BisTrack

For almost a decade, Arrowhead used DMSi software to manage its operations. The company was limited by the software's inability to be customized for Arrowhead's unique business needs. Even tasks as common as creating new reports and generating or viewing old statements were a challenge. “With our previous software, every time we needed additional functionality it was an add-on with additional cost,” recalls Tami Pogue Dohrman, controller at Arrowhead. “We were just tired of it.”

All it took was the knowledge that Epicor was a member of NEMEON-the leading trade association for roofing materials suppliers with whom the Pogue family has longstanding connections-for Arrowhead to consider looking at Epicor BisTrack software. When asked about her first impression, Dohrman replied, “The simplicity! Epicor BisTrack is everything my DMSi system should have been. It's simple, powerful, and user friendly.”

Easy-to-find information 

“The Related Documents functionality within BisTrack software is just unbelievable. It's so easy to find everything that's related,” continues Dohrman. “I remember it was an ordeal if, for example, a vendor asked to see the invoice we sent to our customer. I'd have to ask someone else to dig it up. Now it's an easy-to-find Related Document in the BisTrack system.”

Moreover, Arrowhead can provide access for contractors and suppliers to log in via the BisTrack portal, Web Track, so that they can find answers to many of the questions they may have about account information and inventory availability. “They can log in and find the majority of answers themselves,” says Dohrman.

Productivity gains in sales, inventory control, and accounting

Arrowhead can point to numerous productivity gains using BisTrack software. For example, it takes Arrowhead's sales people less time to complete an order. It takes purchasing and operations employees less time to monitor inventories and track supplier deliveries at its multiple locations using BisTrack software. On the accounting side, corporate office staff spend less time searching for payments and determining customers that are past due using the BisTrack system. Audits are now faster.

Flexible reporting and data analysis

The other aspect of Epicor BisTrack software that Arrowhead appreciates is the visibility of data and ease of reporting and data analysis using BisTrack dashboards, standard reports, and Smart Views. “Most of the reports we want are standard in the BisTrack system. And if we need something a little different, it's easy to generate a new report,” says Dohrman.

“We look forward to taking advantage of BisTrack software capabilities to make improvements in a number of operational areas,” says Dohrman. “For example, we plan to improve the way we track sales and customer account balances, sales representative commissions, and our purchase orders and expected delivery dates. Those initiatives will help not only with productivity and profitability, but also customer service.”

“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Epicor BisTrack software to NEMEON members and other roofing materials suppliers,” says Dohrman. “I already have.”

Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of manufacturers and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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