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ALP Supply

Company Facts

  • Location: Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania
  • Industry: Industrial Distributor
  • Website: www.alpsupply.com


“We selected Epicor Prophet 21 for several reasons. When we looked at our business, we looked at the leaders in the industry. What does Amazon do? What does Grainger do? We felt if we wanted to grow our business, we were going to need to be at that level.”

Barry Fleck, Chief Executive Officer | ALP Supply


Over 40 years ago, the late A.L. Patterson had a goal—make ALP Supply the “single-source supplier” of concrete accessories for precast concrete products manufacturers. Today, ALP Supply’s goal remains the same—make precast/pre-stress projects easier by supplying everything from one place. The familiar “ALP” stamp found on the company’s products honors the legacy of A.L. Patterson to its thousands of customers. With distribution centers in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Minnesota, Nevada, and Texas, ALP Supply provides one- or two-day delivery and an unparalleled customer experience.

“We are unique in our very customer-centric focus,” said Christian Rescate, chief operating officer, ALP Supply. “Everything is about what the customer needs, and providing them with that is very important to us.” 

According to Rescate, “When we were evaluating ERP systems, Prophet 21 stood out the most, because it provided us the best-of-breed solution with significant off-the-shelf capabilities. We’re an industrial distributor, so we don’t have an army of programmers who can take care of a complex system. Prophet 21 allowed us to bolt on a single repository of information which gave us visibility into all aspects of our business—from inventory control, todaily financials, to customer service requirements, as well as the ability to determine true profitability.”

“We selected Epicor Prophet 21 for several reasons. When we looked at our business, we looked at the leaders in the industry. What does Amazon do? What does Grainger do? We felt if we wanted to grow our business, we were going to need to be at that level,” added Barry Fleck, chief executive officer, ALP Supply.

The power of one

According to Fleck, Epicor Prophet 21 software has supported ALP Supply in providing an exceptional experience for its customers. “We believe in what we call, ‘The Power of One.’ We want our customers to make one call, place one order, get one shipment, be able to trace it, and then receive one bill for it. As a result, Prophet 21 has enabled us to do that. It has also enabled us to position ourselves as the single-source supplier for many of our customers, because they’ve come to depend on just doing something once. Our goal is to make it easy for them to do business with ALP Supply.”

He continued, “Prophet 21 has also allowed us to become more involved with our customers. We want to be the best in service in our industry, and that takes learning a lot about our customer—having intimate knowledge of their needs and anticipations. What Epicor Prophet 21 has allowed us to do is dig deep into that information—to be able to understand more about our customers in some respects than they understand. We want to be their most valuable and dependable supplier, and it takes the types of systems that we have invested in—such as Epicor Prophet 21—for us to be able to achieve those objectives.”

Enhanced automation and operational efficiencies

The Prophet 21 system has allowed ALP Supply to increase automation and operational efficiencies, therefore saving the company a significant amount of money in the long run. The company has grown from one location to five, and the transition was seamless. “The Prophet 21 system is the core of our technology hub,” stated Rescate. “It provides us with a central database that allows us to bolt on different technologies to enhance our operational efficiency. Epicor Prophet 21 helped our company save money by automating many key processes that we were handling manually. This allowed us to double the number of transactions with the same number of people. We’re actually using fewer inside sales people today at double the volume and double the transactions we were eight years ago—prior to when we were on the system.”

Fleck added, “Before, when we looked at our business, we really didn’t have control of our inventories and the flow that we needed. We looked at taking a lean approach in our warehouse, for example. Anything you touch more than twice is a waste, and we touched things often. We have so many different parts that it was impossible for our warehouse people to know what part was what. Once we were able to incorporate bar coding with our Prophet 21 system, those issues went away. Our efficiency picked up significantly.”

Fostering future growth

Implementing the Prophet 21 solution has been an important part of ALP Supply’s growth strategy. “We define growth in several ways,” stated Fleck. “One way is geographical, as well as our top line. We break down our customer segments and the business we do within them. We try to get very granular on how we look at it. With the investment that we’ve made in our information structure digitally, it has enabled us to grow not only faster, but in more geographical locations.”

“With Epicor Prophet 21,” he continued, “we’ve grown from a single operation to five distribution centers, in addition to adding on an acquisition in 2010 and another partnership acquisition in 2013. What has been great for us is that we’ve been able to significantly increase our transactional volume as well as dollar volume, and we haven’t had to add many people because of the efficiency we get from our system.”

Rescate added, “Prophet 21 is going to be a very important component to the future growth of our company. Not only in our ability to continue to automate and build efficiencies in our day-to-day processes, but when it comes to a company acquisition, the Prophet 21 platform offers a very seamless route to transitioning the company that we are acquiring to our platform. Our folks are already familiar with how to use it and integrating the data is seamless.”

“If you’re an industrial distributor and you’re looking to build efficiency, I would recommend Prophet 21,” concluded Rescate. “The Prophet 21 system is very easy to configure, it’s well thought out, it provides meaningful business processes out of the box, and it can fully scale to almost any of your needs.”


Success Highlights:


  • Improving automation and increasing efficiencies to enhance customer experience and continue growth


  • Epicor® Prophet 21®


  • Scaled operations to multiple locations
  • Increased order accuracy and accelerated delivery
  • Improved staff efficiencies to serve more customers with less people
  • Focused processes to be more customer-centric