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Alfa Laval Latin America

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The Swedish company, Alfa Laval, has had operations in Latin America for over 80 years. Alfa Laval is a global leader in solutions for the industries of beverage, biofuels, biotechnology and pharmaceutical, chemicals, food, machinery, mining and materials, oil and gas, paper production, among others. The products and solutions of the company are used in areas of vital importance for humanity, such as food and water supply, production and optimization of energy, and environmental protection.

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"The trigger for the project was the flexibility found in Epicor iScala, which opened up the possibility of standardizing and consolidating processes in the region."

Antonio Tupa, IT Services Manager | Alfa Laval Latinoamerica


Company Facts
  • Locations: Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Panama
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Web site: www.alfalaval.com

  • Achieve deployment of central projects

  • Epicor iScala

  • Connectivity via Citrix [Software]
  • Operations and Business Intelligence standardization
  • Reduction in operating time
  • Streamline of remote support

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In 2008, Alfa Laval Latin America was selected to be the first region to standardize and consolidate business processes. Currently, the global consolidation of hardware has been completed. It was made through three hubs located in Sweden, United States, and India.

Today, Epicor iScala is the software solution used in the offices of Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Panama. Also, locations in 23 countries mainly in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa use Epicor.

The beginning of success

Alfa Laval currently has more than 100 Epicor users in Latin America; globally, the company has more than 500 licenses of Epicor iScala. The implementation process at Alfa Laval Latin America was conducted in two phases that lasted nine months. This period involved hard work and dedication from the project team. However, the first benefits after implementation soon became evident in the finance and sales areas.

"The first thing was the standardization of the accounting system based on the one used in the European Community (EU BAS). This change brought a number of advantages in the preparation of reports and support," said Antonio Tupa, IT services manager for Alfa Laval Latin America. "In addition to accounting, the financial dimensions and the cost centers were also standardized, reducing the time invested in those operations and providing online information to vendors."

Continuous benefits

Before Epicor, Alfa Laval users in Latin America spent a total of 22,032 hours each year on the operations of the company. When the implementation concluded, surveys from users showed a significant reduction for a total of 9,216 hours per year spent on the operations of the business. This has been evident in the important streamlining of everyday tasks such as quoting and support.

"After successfully implementing certain features of Epicor and standardizing certain business processes, employees reduced the billing process by at least 40 percent; using the Business Intelligence module, the process of sending reports to the main offices was also simplified," said Tupa.

"Likewise, regional support is simpler now, employees receive support remotely or on site if there is a problem; the service desk that we created has been really helpful. Epicor gave us great flexibility to provide remote support."

The benefits that Alfa Laval has found in Epicor are still coming. After finishing the standardization, Alfa Laval´s team is planning to implement new functionalities in the region in the short term. One of them is the connectivity with suppliers and distributors (Epicor Service Connect).

"The ROI was achieved within nine months, but there is still a long way to go with Epicor, we would like to advance more in the connectivity. This project has been an example and also an opportunity to improve the standardization in other regions," concluded Tupa.

About Epicor

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