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ACE Hardware of Zapata

Company Facts


  • Location: Zapata, Texas
  • Industry: Hardware
  • Solution: Epicor Eagle Optimizer

"If you want to make your business successful, Eagle Optimizer will quickly help you. It paid for itself in a very short time."

Javy Casas, Owner | ACE Hardware of Zapata

ACE Hardware of Zapata Uses Epicor Eagle Optimizer to Reduce Slow Moving Inventory, Increase Inventory Turns, and Improve Data Security

A new owner purchased Ace Hardware of Zapata in 2004, and shortly after that upgraded to Epicor Eagle for Microsoft® Windows®. Five years later, owner Javy Casas, decided to purchase the Epicor Eagle Optimizer consulting program to improve overall business performance.

Reducing Slow-Moving Inventory and Increasing Turns

An Epicor Eagle Optimizer consultant was on-site for two days and focused on three key areas: inventory management, data security, and reporting. The consultant explained that profitability would increase by using the Eagle system to alert the inventory manager when SKU quantities fall below predetermined set points. "We were ordering too few of our fast-moving items and we were running out," describes Javy. "Today, we have fewer stock outs, and in this tough economy, we need to sell as much as we can."

The consultant also helped Javy reduce dead stock and slow-moving items. "We trimmed about $20,000 in slow-moving inventory," notes Javy. "With the right items in stock now, inventory turns increased 22 percent in the first six months."

Improving Data Security

"Prior to the consultant's visit, all of our employees could log on and access anything on our Eagle system, which wasn't the way we should have been operating," explains Javy. The Eagle Optimizer consultant helped Javy set up rolebased security in the Eagle system. "We now limit access to information and system functions based on employee position," continues Javy. "We set up roles for owner, manager, assistant manager, sales associate, and cashier. Now cashiers don't have access to accounting data, and the inventory manager no longer does cashiering without my permission. It's a safer way to run the business."

Maximizing Business Advisor Functionality Reveals The Bigger Picture

Although Javy used Epicor Business Advisor to check day-to-day sales, he was not maximizing the robust functionality and reporting features available. "With the help of our consultant, I started comparing our business not only with ourselves, but also externally. I learned how to set up new reports that give me a quick reality check on the business," explains Javy.

"With all of the responsibilities of being an owner, I simply didn't have time to learn all the tricks of the Eagle system. We learned a great deal from our Eagle Optimizer consultant, and we've seen great results. Even though our revenue decreased by 10 to 12 percent from 2008 to 2009, our gross margins improved by four percent. If you want to make your business successful," concludes Javy, "Eagle Optimizer will quickly help you. It paid for itself in a very short time."

About Epicor

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