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For 10 years, the staff at Abatix used a FACTS solution to run their industrial distribution business. As the company changed and grew, they continually customized the system to meet their changing needs. Ultimately, they reached a point where the customizations overtook the system. 

"We realized then that we needed a system that was adaptable and flexible," said Eric Pargmann, operations manager for Abatix. "The technology FACTS was built on was too outdated and couldn't keep up with our needs."

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"We have been able to support a 40 percent increase in sales with less than 10 percent increase in headcount."

Eric Pargmann, Operations Manager | Abatix
Company Facts
  • Location: Mesquite, Texas
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Number of Stores: 10
  • Web site: www.abatix.com

  • Help a Dallas, Texas-based industrial distributor find an adaptable and flexible enterprise software solution

  • Epicor Prophet 21

  • A 40 percent increase in sales with less than 10 percent increase in headcount

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The Search For A New Solution

Pargmann and other Abatix executives hired a consulting firm to help them start their search for a new enterprise software solution. "The consulting firm gave us eight to 10 suggestions for software to research. After we kicked out all of the non-distribution-centric systems, we were left with two strong candidates - NxTrend and Prophet 21," recalled Pargmann. "Both offered a lot in the way of functionality, but the openness of Prophet 21's SQL server and the Epicor team are what made us ultimately choose Prophet 21."

That Epicor sought out user input in developing Prophet 21 and viewed itself as a technology partner rather than a vendor meant a lot to Pargmann and the Abatix team. "The open lines of communication between Epicor and its customers were impressive then and remain so today," said Pargmann. "We can pick up the phone and call someone at any time to get something done. That's huge."

User Response

Knowing that change is always difficult and a reluctance to let go of old methods would hold Abatix back from being successful on Prophet 21, the company took a hard-line approach. "We told our employees that they had to either change with us or look elsewhere for employment," recalled Pargmann. "We had one customer service representative that had been with us for more than 15 years. She was comfortable with FACTS and didn't want to change, but she agreed to give Prophet 21 a try. Within 18 months of going live, she came to me and said that not only did she love Prophet 21, but she wouldn't want to go back to FACTS - ever!"

Pargmann says that kind of response is common among his employees - and it shows. In the years since moving to Prophet 21, Abatix continues to grow at a steady pace. "We're still pleased with our decision to move to Prophet 21 more than five years later," he says. "We have been able to support a 40 percent increase in sales with less than 10 percent increase in headcount."

When asked what advice he would give current FACTS users considering moving to a new solution, Pargmann is thoughtful. "Think about the future," he says, "not just next year, but three to five years down the road. Ask yourself where do you want your company to be and can get you there?"

Successful distributors like Abatix found the answer to their question in Epicor Prophet 21.

About Epicor

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