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Townsend Building Supply - Epicor BisTrack

“Processes we’ve seen improved and streamlined because of BisTrack software are purchasing and inventory management. We buy better now and we manage our inventory much more efficiently. Our shrink has gone down by 50 percent because of data BisTrack software provides.”

Michael Townsend, President | Townsend Building Supply

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Kimal Lumber Company

"With the technology that BisTrack software affords us, we can already do tasks faster, more efficiently, and provide our customers with that extra level of service."
Allen Bavry, Jr., Information Technologies-Corporate | Kimal Lumber

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EC Barton & Company

"Our old system was cumbersome to learn and wasn’t as intuitive as BisTrack software. Its easy-to-use functionality has helped us attract new talent and keeps people on board. The BisTrack solution makes it very easy for us to train employees."
Stephen Rush, Director of Inventory Replenishment | E.C. Barton & Company

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Aerobiotix, Inc.

“We asked Epicor to get us live sooner rather than later, as it would make us a better company than our legacy system had us at. The Epicor consultants delivered—and delivered with a bang that was better than expected.”
Michael Schmitz, Chief Financial Officer | Aerobiotix

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HPM Building Supply

“Epicor BisTrack gives us the ability to stay in step with industry growth. We’re managing significantly increased volume, without having to add more staff. BisTrack helps optimize our logistics and value-added processes, which are both critical to maintaining competitive advantage here in Hawaii.”
Leah Borsting, ERP Director | HPM Building Supply

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Emergent Safety Supply

"Since we converted to Prophet 21 application, we have quadrupled sales, reduced shipping days from four to one, and vastly improved productivity. Prophet 21 has given us a foundation to thrive in this hyper-competitive environment."
Mary Porter, Chief Executive Officer | Emergent Safety Supply

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Baxter Manufacturing

"When we actually jumped to Epicor ERP 10, the product configurator changes were incredible from 9.05, and the efficiency change in running a job was also amazing. We were hearing from our users speed improvements of 30 percent, but I think it’s been much faster than that for us—it’s been a huge timesaver that makes it a worthy investment to upgrade our ERP"
Jack Pennypacker, Network Administrator | Baxter Manufacturing

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Star Lumber & Supply Co.

“For years, we used a home-grown system, but we recognized we had to make a change to stay competitive. Epicor was a provider we initially reached out to, and we instantly realized that Epicor BisTrack software was a powerful system—the support was impressive and it was an industry leader. We selected the BisTrack solution to help us maintain successful and growing operations.”
Patrick Goebel, President | Star Lumber & Supply Co

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Sanford and Hawley

“Everybody loves Epicor BisTrack because it’s much more flexible and there’s so much more information available. We often marvel at how we ever managed before.”
Bob Sanford, President at Sanford & Hawley, Inc.

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Arnold Lumber Company

"Because of the AP Automation tool, we have moved to a completely paperless environment. We’ve eliminated all our filing cabinets and can simply go to related documents to access any information we need at the click of a button. It saves time and quite a few phone calls."
Dave Whitney, Director of Finance, Arnold Lumber Company

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