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Weston Nurseries

“We love how simple our loyalty program is now, and it has helped us gain about $100,000 in margin improvements over our prior loyalty program.”

Peter Mezitt, President | Weston Nurseries

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Moscow & Pullman Building Supply

BisTrack software has streamlined everything in our business-from receiving and accounts payable, to our entire sales processes. We changed how we process everything. Our receiving, inventory, and accounts payable processes are all referenceable now.
—Brandon Rucker, Intelligence and Inventory Control | Moscow Building Supply

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CV Technology

Epicor is the nerve center of our organization. It has enabled us to integrate the activities of the entire company into one centralized  system.
—Mariano Morales, Chief Financial Officer | CV Technology

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Axelgaard Manufacturing

“We will always be ahead of the game by having Epicor directly tied into the machinery and everything that goes on here. With Epicor, you will see an immediate impact by being able to produce much more efficiently. Efficiency is one of our biggest drivers, and Epicor is key for enabling that.”
Dr. Jens Axelgaard, chief executive officer | Axelgaard Manufacturing

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Ridgefield Supply Company

We realized that we were not getting the information we needed out of that system. Every time we had to research something or look for data, it took a long time and endless work to get little bits of information in order for our  company to run. We ended up selecting BisTrack software because we realized it was a platform that would allow us to get the information we need, exactly when we need it-whether trying a quick SQL query or creating a dashboard that a customer, employee, or manager needs to make a decision. We can now quickly access that data, whether it's emailed, displayed on a smartphone, or on a computer. With BisTrack software we can get that information in a quick and efficient manner.
Michael Sonderman, Operations Manager | Ridgefield Supply Company

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Midland Scientific, Inc.

"We provide a superior value to our customer over our competitors, and I think Prophet 21 is the key to that, things—like inventory accuracy, shipping accuracy, and the ability to answer customers’ questions and meet their needs—those are all driven from the Prophet 21 system. That’s the heart of our business."
Sterling Greni, Vice President of Operations | Midland Scientific

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Mercedes Medical Inc

"We really get a lot out of the comprehensive training resources Epicor provides for us, making sure that all of our associates leverage the system for their department's maximum benefit."
Andrew Wright, Chief Operating Officer | Mercedes Medical Inc.

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Brazos Forest Products

BisTrack software has allowed us to grow and reach new markets quicker. It gives us a chance to expand our offerings, because we can look at our inventory levels and see products that are selling fast, as well as what's not leaving the shelves. From there, we can make business-changing decisions instantaneously.
—Calan Morgan, IT Support | Brazos Forest Products

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Sears Trostel Lumber and Millwork

"All the areas in BisTrack software are interconnected, so it’s easy to get the information we need quickly without backing out to a main area and coming back in a different path.”
Curt Viehmeyer, Owner and General Manager | Sears Trostel

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Townsend Building Supply - Epicor BisTrack

“Processes we’ve seen improved and streamlined because of BisTrack software are purchasing and inventory management. We buy better now and we manage our inventory much more efficiently. Our shrink has gone down by 50 percent because of data BisTrack software provides.”
Michael Townsend, President | Townsend Building Supply

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