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Wood Works of Renfrew

“When we bought the business in June 2016, it was struggling.” “We knew that in order to make money and modernize operations, we needed a new business management system. We looked at a few options but ended up staying with Epicor because of their strong partnership and industry-specific software.”
Bruce Gannon and Laurie Wichers-Schreur, Current Owners | Wood Works of Renfrew

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Alexander Lumber Company

"We use BisTrack software to measure many of our company's key business initiatives, and track our progress in achieving those initiatives."
Rick Vancil, Executive Vice President | Alexander Lumber Company Read the Story

Dartmouth Building Supply

"With BisTrack software, we have all the data and tools we need for accurate business information. This helps us make the best decisions we can to support business growth and encourage a superior customer experience."
Jack Parquette, Vice President of Special Projects | Dartmouth Building Supply Read the Story

Metropolitan Pipe and Supply Company

“Within three months, our cash flow had increased to the point where we covered the cost of implementation. With the new automation, we had control over our invoices and billing in ways that were just not possible before."
David Constantine, MIS Manager | Metropolitan Pipe and Supply Company

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Decimet Sales, Inc.

“We now have real-time access to information we can trust. As soon as a product comes in the door, it now appears in the system, and when a job is completed, it’s immediately put into inventory for ready shipping to customers. We also regularly use Epicor to see the current status of jobs, learn of expenses that might be higher than expected, and make decisions on-the-fly. In addition, each subsequent upgrade has not only improved the system’s overall speed, but also performed seamlessly without disruptions.”
Max Foster, Controller | DSI

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American Home and Garden

"We have benefited from using Mobile Manager within our store. I know people think of using a mobile solution outside the store, but it's a great asset inside the store as well."
Ryan Lindner, Store Manager American Home and Garden

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Standard Supply

"Prophet 21 is so easy to maneuver and find what I need. Not just for me, but anybody on my team. It is always there for us.”
Liza Ellis, Customer Service Manager | Standard Supply

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Ace Hardware of Appleton

“Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager empowers our business to have the information that we need, even before we know we need it. It’s one of those tools I look forward to watching grow with us as times goes on and as our business expands.”
Ron Cox, Owner | Ace Hardware of Appleton

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Industrial Specialties Manufacturing

"We’ve been very fortunate to experience consistent double-digit growth. We believe that the Prophet 21 ECC software is an integral part of that growth because it’s our digital face to the world."
James Davis, President | Industrial Specialties Manufacturing

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Mar-Span Home Hardware Building Centre

"The Eagle solution has definitely decreased the workload and allowed us to do more per person. Information is now accessible with one click of a button. The transparency and reporting capabilities of Eagle software give us the ability to easily locate and fix mistakes."
Dennis Diefenbacher, accounting and IT | Mar-Span Home Hardware Building Centre

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Epicor solutions deliver the unique business and operational capabilities of each industry we serve. Deployed in the cloud or on premises, Epicor software provides the tools and features you need to help grow your business.

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